psst, we have moved! new blog address for rachel devine photography!

7 08 2009

the new blog is finally live. i have imported all of these old posts and even already uploaded new stuff. i am excited to share my images in a much bigger format and i think the whole blog experience is better with the clean and simple design. the features will continue to grow with a tips section, reviews of my favorite things and of course more photographs.

if you have enjoyed this blog, i know you will love the new one, so please click on over and don’t forget to change the bookmark on your browser and the subscription link in your reader! i will not be updating this blog in the future. the new one is much better.

also, if you have linked here on your blogroll, please take a moment to change that url as well.

here we go!!!!!


under construction

30 07 2009

we are busy building the new blog. please check back in the coming days to see what we have done and get ready to add a new book mark!

pardon our dust

the blog has been growing daily and i am excited to use the space to share my photos and musings, but i was not happy with the lack of design ability with this free wordpress format, so we are moving and it is going to be so nice! there will be new features on things i love and i will be sharing a bit of my tips and techniques for photography. i’ll be taking some questions and even having some contests. so much is planned. hope you will join us for the ride!


28 07 2009


we have landed back in the land of no dr. pepper.

it is back to work for me and back to school for gemma. the twins are enjoying being reunited with all their toys, it is like christmas for them!

lots of fun things coming up for my business. redesigning the blog and updating the website in the next few weeks. more kid fashion shoots and private commissions on the schedule.
i am thinking about a work trip back to the states in the fall…will keep plans updated here on the blog. for now, i am going to recover from the 11,000+ mile flight and go get reacquainted with my warm and cozy bed.

i will be processing more photos from the trip during breaks from my client pictures.

dear monty

24 07 2009

i can’t believe it has been almost a month since we met you. i am sure you have grown so much. i wish i could live down the lane from you and your parents so that we could all meet for evening walks by the creek. it would be wonderful to watch the twins grow up beside you, exploring the world under the curious guidance of your big “cousin” gemma.





monty, you are a very lucky boy to be born to two of the best people i know. you are going to grow up being shown the tiny joys in life. the smallest details are not merely noticed, they are celebrated. the ordinary becomes remarkable, the heavy…blithesome. your parents are a treat to be around. i love them both so much. i miss you all everyday.

(photo by peta mazey)

impromptu atlantic playdate

21 07 2009

funny how 5 and 1/2 weeks seems like the longest time and certainly ample time to see everyone and do everything we would like… it is not and we have been throwing together plans the morning we make them happen. we have not been able to make it work with all, but luckily stephanie was able to meet up with us on such short notice. her boys are gorgeous and spunky and stephanie is a delight.

with just enough quarters for 2 hours of parking, we had a blast on our quick trip to the beach.






luckily clover enjoyed the novelty of being in a different stroller enough that she never noticed that she missed out on playing in the sand.


kieran was a nice boy and sat right where we put him.


liam went wild in the surf. it was great to watch.






gemma just got covered in sand instead of water.


then began the spectacle of getting 5 kids and 2 strollers (one of which was never ever intended to go anywhere near sand) 3 cameras and assorted toys back up to the boardwalk…


all the while keeping the language clean.


and hoping the moms had enough change left over for ice cream!








what i did not get was the shot of the ice cream on the floor of the shop…i was too busy working on my own cone by then.

ohdeedoh! oh my!

21 07 2009

Look at who made one of my favorite blogs, Apartment Therapy’s ohdeedoh!

It is the little gypsy herself:

That has always been one of my favorite photos from our travels. London is such a great city to explore with kids. If you are going, I recommend you pick up a copy of This Is London to read first.

peta makes magic

20 07 2009

yes she does. i have seen her do it.