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2 09 2008

we are moving clover to her own room the walk in closet tonight.  we are really trying everything before we send her off to boarding nursery.  kieran would sleep through the night if his sister was not screaming in his ear every 20 minutes.

reflux sucks, but reflux plus colic…well, that is about as much fun as being trapped on in a car on a long ride with an injured parrot on speed.  i am doing everything that every book says.  i am wearing her, i am medicating her, i have given her herbs, homeopathy, warm baths, white noise.  i promise her jewelry, ponies, stickers….  my breast milk is now devoid of dairy, soy, nuts and even shellfish.  i am tired and now i am also starving!  all those book seem to agree that colic crying peaks at 8 weeks.  clover jane is 8 weeks and 5 days and has clearly not read any of those books. 




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2 09 2008

Oh you poor thing! I feel for you I really do, hey I think I can even hear her in Sydney.
Hope things get better real quick.

2 09 2008

i hope you figure it out. Maybe the closet is a magical place just waiting to be discovered.

2 09 2008
Myra Romano

It seems like there is one in every set of twins. I am sending you all the good vibes I have left in my overused, too tired to type right A**.

Gavin had the same thing as Clover. We are a year or so in now and it does get better. They both just got tubes in the ears. That has helped the cranky one a lot!

We also had to move Gavin the grump to the walk in closet, because he was disurbing Mason who could and still does sleep about 12 hours straight through the night with a wompin’ good nap during the mid morning.

Gavin though, he is up — looking for steal to chomp on or something real high to climb up…

You’re rockin it!

2 09 2008

Two of my three had colic, one also had reflux. Aren’t they fun times! From memory, mine were over it by about 12 weeks. I think. Definitely wasn’t before that. Nothing you do will make a difference and you’ll only drive yourself batty trying everything in those *books*.

I hope it eases up soon. Poor girl and poor Mum.

2 09 2008
Mara Guerrero

I wish you all the luck in the world!
My nieces are 15 months old and none of them sleeps through the lets hope Clover get pass this.
I’m crossing my fingers here!

2 09 2008

Poor little baby, and you, I remember trying the gripe water and more for my little boy. It will get better, hopefully sooner rather than later.

2 09 2008

Awww, poor lil chicken and poor mama!!

2 09 2008
Miz Booshay

Sounds so hard.
Poor baby.
Poor Rachel.

Ear plugs. I didn’t see ear plugs on your list.

2 09 2008

oh man, rachel. we are finally emerging at 9.5 weeks. maybe that’s the ticket. you’re a superhero.

2 09 2008

I’m sorry to hear that Clover is having these problems. I will be praying for Clover and your family that it will soon pass.

2 09 2008
Paul Applegate

Awww, keep up the good work, I am sure she will sleep/heal soon. Did I mention I want a pony?

2 09 2008

Kim’s youngest daughter had colic and it truly was a living hell. She was beautiful and so damn squeezable, but for hours every evening she’d turn into a screaming lunatic capable of holding everyone hostage… you know it’s bad when the cat passes you a note saying, “Please don’t let that baby cry today.”

Hang in there. It can only get better. Scylar outgrew it… although she seems to be able to tap into her “colic” side on demand. Currently she becomes unglued when anyone heartlessly tries to leave her at preschool for four hours. There is no consoling the furry within her sole sometimes.

I’m sure you’ve heard/read that colicy babies tend to be more sensitive when they’re older and in Scylar’s case that is very true. What you’re going through now is the worst of it, but think of it like boot camp. Most likely Clover will always need a little extra “handling.”

Take care,
~Rachel (a.k.a. Piper_H on Flickr)

2 09 2008

My sympathies. Reflux + colic was bad enough with just one infant and no older sibs – hopefully she gets the memo that the world is not out to get her soon.

2 09 2008

oh dear! I am sorry to hear how rough you have it right now. I am fairly certain she will sleep without crying by umm…5?

2 09 2008

Hi Rachel,
I am so sorry to read that you have to go through all of this.
I am a stay at home parent of two (3.5 boy and 5 weeks girl) and my wife is a physician. She is a D.O. and has been tought Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM). She actually is now a Pathologist, so she no longer practices OMM. But from the time she was in training, I remember this: conventional medecine (allopathic medicine, M.D. in general)will say that it is normal for some babies to be colicky, whereas D.O. undestand that there is no such a thing as a colicky baby. We bought our first one to a cranial Osteopath, who very gently put back the cranial bones in order to release compression that end up stimulating nerves connected to the gastrointestinal tract…hence the colic. Bam it was gone. It took 5 minutes.
It is a very gentle procedure, and by no means do you hurt baby in this procedure, but it does wonders. It basically resumes as to have your baby lying on it’sback, and you are holding his head in your hands using your fingers as pressure points, letting gravity do the job.
You can read an article about it, found on the internet:
There are of course many others articles on this.
This is not witchcraft or voodoo, this is just common sense.
If you have any questions for my wife, Jena, because you can’t find an Osteopath in Australia, then please feel free to ask her any questions, because maybe you can do it at home by yourself. I am sure she would be more that happy to help.
Your sanity is primordial, don’t you think?!
And poor Clover does not have to suffer either.
Best of luck.

2 09 2008
Jennifer (Aaroneous Monk)

Do you eat a lot of tomatoes and citrus? Eliminating dairy was a good start for us, but the acid stuff like tomoatoes and citrus removal from my diet finally did the trick. My mom had issues with brocoli/gassey foods getting into her milk. Sucks!

2 09 2008

Yay. You have a blog.

I am the women that sent you the Ariel costume. Thanks for posting all the beautiful pictures on flickr. I tune in religiously and have loved your journey.

PS. I was thinking about buying your actions for the past week. Can the middle set be used with not RAW images? If so, I might be purchasing it tonight.

2 09 2008

I hope it gets better soon! I feel for you. I can only imagine how you are feeling, let alone how Clover feels. I wish there was a miracle cure. Good luck to you!

3 09 2008

I hope it will get easier for you soon! All 3 of my babies had reflux combined with colic so I understand what a pain it is, literally. Just one thing I did see you you mentioned trying, visiting chiropractor that will work with babies, it really helped my girls (but didn’t do any good for my son). Oh, and maybe block feedings if you suspect over active let down (which can aggrivate both reflux and colic/gassiness) Hang in there!

OK, I’m remembering things as I type… If you eliminated ALL the dairy and soy, check if her meds have any dairy in them. Quite often they do.

BTW, is her reflux silent?

5 09 2008

A phone book worked a treat for my reflux twins. Just stick it under the legs on the head end of the cot so that they are sleeping in an almost vertical position. They LOVED it! Good Luck.

8 09 2008

I know you need more advice like…another baby, but since you’re desperate perhaps new things to try are welcome. Check out the DVD (or book) “The Happiest Baby on the Block.” It might help and it can’t hurt. I think the biggest a-ha for me from that one was the side position, followed by his style of jiggling. Worth a shot.

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