a couple of hours of sleep in a row and i want back in…

12 09 2008

while i love every minute with the twins (shut up, deep down i do) and i can’t function without photographing my family and daily life, i want to go back to work.  it has been ages since i took maternity leave.  i have started to see my ads that i shot for The Little Gym pop up on websites and i get really excited.

i need to get back in and i have to basically start all over.  wait, scratch that, i am expanding to a new market.  australia, here i come.  los angeles, i’ll work with you again in ’09.

where to start, where to start…hmmm, a new chapter in my photography career…this could be good.  really, really good.  stay tuned.

(so nice to get a new face in front of my lens again)




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12 09 2008

With your incredible talent it won’t take long to excited your new expanding market!! I’m making a new shift in my career as well – hoping that my boyfriend has patience while a make a go of running my own business!

Best of Luck!! (though, you’re way to talented to need luck!)

12 09 2008

ha, was wondering if that was your work on the little gym mailer I got. 🙂 glad to see my suspicion was correct. take care!

12 09 2008

A visit in April ’09 or are you moving back?

12 09 2008

not moving back, i am planning my first trip and i already have a few things lined up for work. hope to see you in virginia as well!

12 09 2008
Miz Booshay

It is fun to photograph new faces isn’t it :o)

Let the adventures begin!

13 09 2008

Rachel. I am unable to find your email. I wold like to purchase some of your sets however I do not work in RAW. Your 1st set is described as only for RAW images and the other sets are unclear. I am ready to purchase them this evening. Please email me at classychaos at gmail dot com in your “free time” 😉

I am anxious to start playing around. Many thanks.

13 09 2008

I hope i see more of your work around. you are inspirational. i know you’ll do well in australia in today’s global market, you can be anywhere, as long as you are talented. (obviously no problem there) Thanks for always sharing

3 10 2008

wow those photgraphs are so cute! 😀

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