what gemma said

16 09 2008

gemma is on school holidays for three weeks and so i really am a stay at home mom of 3 (THREE!) children.  what do i do on her first day off?  go to the mall!  what?  it was raining and chilly and for some reason, the chicken does not want the world to believe me and never cries in public.

today our outdoor plans were foiled again as well by gale force winds and rain that i swear would start as soon as i opened the front door just to piss me off.  i decided that we would stay home and bond.  so what can two 10 week olds and one 3.5 year old do together?  not much would be the answer.

good old stand by…story time.  we all piled on gemma’s bed and let me tell you as soon as we did, there was no where else i wanted to be.  the babies love their big sister.  they watch her like she is the queen of their world.  me?  i’m boobs, i get a smile now and then, but gemma, she is IT.

gemma grabbed a stack of books with a common theme of fairies.  while i read and gemma turned the pages, the babies did not scream.  they were tiny little slack jawed, starry eyed, suck ups.  making cute goo’s and gaa’s when she even just glanced at them.  i was almost jealous.   but then clover started to fuss and before i could even get fully irritated,  this happened, the simple moment when i swear my heart got too big for my body and a three year old changed my attitude… gemma did not miss a beat and she gently patted her sister on the head and said in the sweetest voice: “don’t worry clover, our mommy is right here.  she is here and it will be alright.”

as i took a photo, it hit me hard…i am their mommy and right now in their lives,  i have the power to make things alright.  i better never forget that.




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16 09 2008

that is adorable!

16 09 2008

Well that’s just beautiful… Enjoy these moments and let me tell you, mommies will always make things better. Believe me, I’m 24 and it feels so good to say: i’ll talk to my mom and eveything is gonna be alright…

16 09 2008

Oh, Rachel, that’s wonderful. Definitely a great moment to remember!

16 09 2008

Love this! Motherhood is such an awesome experience and opportunity.

16 09 2008

oh my goodness. you are their everything. you always will be.

16 09 2008
Lindsey Applegate

OMG this is so beautiful to read. I love how great of a big sister Gemma is being. And these pictures are remarkable. They are great kids and they have an amazing mom!

16 09 2008

Wow. Those words hit me hard! You are incredibly blessed with your three beautiful children.x

16 09 2008

That is such a sweet moment. And I so recognize it. Especially the way the twins look at Gemma. Exactly how Stijn’s whole face lights up when he sees or hears Nienke. I hope that bond stays like that forever.

16 09 2008

It is sooo true. And so wise of Gemma to realize that. Wow.

16 09 2008

There are tears in my eyes reading that!! You are always pulling at my heart-strings with your beautiful photos and beautiful words. You make me want children badly, to be able to capture beautiful memories like you do.

16 09 2008

and thank YOU for that reminder as well….thinking today might be a good day to pile on the bed with books at our house as well. 🙂

16 09 2008

I am in a puddle of happy tears for you. What a secure moment and a proud moment to be reminded you are their safety.

16 09 2008
Paul Applegate

Awww.What a great moment.

16 09 2008

totally crying. what an incredible moment.

16 09 2008

Great moments and Adorable photos!

16 09 2008

Dammit, you people with your charming big-sister stories!

Love it.

16 09 2008

oh my gosh. best storytime ever. great shots.
heart very warm over here.

16 09 2008

heck, i am all starry eyes and slacked jawed too by the gemma.

16 09 2008

yep, i’m crying. shocker huh?

16 09 2008

that just sent chills down my spine. how completely awesome. thank god for the wind and rain.

16 09 2008

Oh sweetness, how do children seem to know everything important without ever being taught. Just too sweet I’m all teared up.

16 09 2008

Love the second photo. So precious.

16 09 2008

That entry just warms my heart. This is motherhood.

16 09 2008
christine Gill

i just died… i need to remember that – mommy power!

17 09 2008

Oh Rachel, so true and so sweet. I adore the pictures too. And as crazy as this time is now, it is so fleeting and you really will someday look back and think how quickly the time flew by. You really do seem to be treasuring the moments!

17 09 2008

Oh, and we just got Gemma in the mail yesterday! 🙂 That made me smile!

17 09 2008

It must be wonderful to be a mother !

18 09 2008

I just found your blog through your Flickr picture of Gemma. What a sweet sweet moment. Your blog post made me teary! You are so blessed. 🙂

20 09 2008
Miz Booshay

Oh Rachel, that is the sweetest thing I have read in a long time.
I forgot how my babies looked up to their “big” brothers or sisters.
But it is so true.
Gemma is a dear girl and I love that her words of comfort to Clover brought you comfort too.

I think I will go and cry now.

23 09 2008

I, too, am choked up by Gemma’s words. As sweet as it is (and it IS), I find it terribly sobering, as well. What an enormous gift — and responsibility — to be someone’s everything. It’s such a good thing to remember that this is how our little ones feel when we are feeling short-tempered, hurried, and stressed. Thank you, little Gemma, for that very important reminder. I will hug my babies twice as hard when I see them this afternoon.

12 10 2008

just as sweet as can be. and well put. a nice reminder and gosh, a tear jerker too. thanks for the words on your blog. I think of you often with those new twins. i remember back to when I went through having 3 little ones and how wonderful it is. big hugs to you and your fam.

27 10 2008

i almost cried ..

it was so sweet and beautiful, what Gemma said ..

May God protect them and keep you there for them =)

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