maybe 12 weeks really is magic

23 09 2008

this morning i woke to the sounds of a baby fussing for some cuddles and milk.  i looked at my watch (i would have consulted the iTouch but since it insists that it is currently 2 weeks and 9 hours ago, i find it a little less than useful) and was surprised at how reasonable the baby was being.  6 AM.  i can deal with 6 AM especially when they had only been up once each in the night.  as i got to the corner of the house that has the kids rooms and the guest bedroom, i paused.  silence.  through one door i could see gemma’s eyes open from under the pile of stuffed friends she had been sleeping with.  it is always clover, so i started for clover’s door (she graduated from our closet to the guest room) when kieran let me know that he was the one jonesing for the boob.

wait.  not clover?  no screeching?  am i in the right house?

i took kieran and gemma back to bed with me and nursed one while listening to the other one sing “head, shoulders, knees and toes” in a made up language.  after a while i looked at my watch again.  did clover move out over night?  maybe i should go check her room for a ransom note.  i opened her door and peeked in her bassinet and…

wait for it…

she was quiet.  and awake.  she looked up at me and just smiled.  it happens around the globe every morning in houses everywhere else, but this morning, there was a miracle in our guestroom.




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23 09 2008

Oh! I am so happy to hear this good news. Lovely words too. What a wonderful day for you, I hope you have many many many more like it, Clover has a beautiful smile.

23 09 2008
Renee Bell

gorgeous story!!!
She definetely has a beautiful smile

23 09 2008

Yay Clover! Good girl. =)

23 09 2008

I think CONGRATULATIONS are in order 🙂

23 09 2008

Yayyyyy! And such a beautiful smile it was. On a different note, kudos to you for thinking she had moved out. I would have been out of bed like a shot, convinced she succumbed to SIDS. But no one ever accused me of being a laid-back momma. Honestly, that’s why I only have two children: I couldn’t take the anxiety involved in doing it all again! 🙂

23 09 2008
Karen Linnell

God bless sweet little Clover

23 09 2008

maybe you’ll have to change the picture in the blog header!

23 09 2008

oh the little clove, she’s way cute!

23 09 2008

I just love this story. This is great news that she was being so happy. How sweet.

23 09 2008
Paul Applegate

Yea right, sure you did not drug her – joke 😉
Glad she was all smiles no crying.

24 09 2008

oh Rachel that is awesome!

24 09 2008
christine Gill

“head, shoulders, knees and toes” in a made up language.

gosh, our lil girlies are so alike.

i just keep getting happier and happier for you. you are my positive thingy : )

25 09 2008
Lisa Campbell

I love the 3 and 4 month time. They are mostly always happy and smiling!

1 10 2008



1 10 2008
gemma {imreasc}

oh WOW!!! must have been the week for suprises… Ash slept 7pm – 630am 😐
now it seems at 530am we would like a feed, but yeah. That’s sleeping thru! LOL
Yay for clover. I hope the colic and reflux stay at bay… looking forward to seeing you again really soon!

27 10 2008

haha, love this tiny little Clover!

May God Bless her =)

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