1 10 2008

this morning, it smells like summer outside.  i am pulling our bathing suits off the line.  they are cool and fresh.  we will go swimming again today and maybe we will have another ice cream.

i have never loved summer.  growing up without siblings close to my age left long hot summer days feeling bright but a little lonely. i would live for the week we would spend on the outer banks of north carolina.  my brothers and sister would all bring their spouses and kids to the beach cottage and from saturday to saturday it was all sand, afternoon thunderstorms and my big family.  if i had 3 wishes, i would not hesitate to spend one on another week at the beach with my entire family.

we moved from los angeles just as winter was drawing to a close.  we arrived here as autumn was cooling things down so a new winter could arrive.  two winters in a row.  now we may not have had snow, but i have been cold for so long.  today as i sit at the kitchen counter next to my daughter who is clad in nothing but her ariel bathing suit, i can finally say that summer is welcome here.

i may not have my mom or my brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews…  but because of them, i have memories of those weeks at the beach.  gemma has already started her collection of sea glass just as i did every year with my father.  each time we find a new piece we think of her grand dad.  a way to get to know him even though he died many years before her birth.  i have my own little family now and i am ready to make summer sweet.

here is to, lemonade days of sunscreen and bubbles and swimming pools and jumping the tiny waves of the bay.

oh and… ben folds has a new album.  life is good.




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2 10 2008

Rachel – you missed your calling as a writer, honestly. Your blog has never failed to evoke a smile, a laugh, or some tears. I’m glad your life down under has turned the corner and left the frustration behind.

Thank you for sharing.

p.s. the new Ben album rocks.

2 10 2008

Rachel, I am coming to live with you. However, I may never put down Kieran & Clover, or stop playing princesses with Gemma. Hope that’s ok. My hands will be full, but maybe so will my heart. Aw, SAP.

2 10 2008

Have a great summer with your wonderful family.

I am loving fall it is approaching quickly and I could not be happier.

2 10 2008

I miss summer in California. Summer in Arizona is dreaded by my kids and I. It’s too hot to even swim most days. Enjoy your long summer days.

2 10 2008

You have such a wonderful summer ahead. Thanks for another great post. I love your writing.
And thanks also for the heads up on “Way to Normal”

2 10 2008

Hi Rachel

I’m so jealous. It’s cold and misty fall here in Norway. Fall _can_ be very nice and cosy, but so far it has been gloomy. I love the colors though and I hope long walks, wine and evenings in front of the fireplace awaits me! 😉

Enjoy happy Summer days with your beautiful family. 🙂

2 10 2008

and yesterday it snowed here … to stay … white until next May. How many years have I complained about this stupid weather to you? Have an extra bedroom for me and the kiddos? One day I’ll live somewhere sunny.

3 10 2008

Rachel this is beautiful.
I know that you don’t know me, but I’ve been lurking around your photostream and blogs since before the twins were born, and I finally feel like we should know each other formally.
You said something about a place very near and dear to my heart in this blog – the outer banks of North Carolina. That is where I was born and have been raised for the past 18 years of my life. I have to agree that Summers here are the most amazing i’ve ever seen. I’m moving to New York to be a Nanny soon and i’ll miss them more than anything…

Anyway, the point of this was to say that you should email me sometime at, and if you ever would like another Summer in the Outer Banks, you’re more than welcome to call on me any time.

4 10 2008

I agree. Not only are you an amazing photographer but an amazing writer as well.

14 10 2008

Hi Rachel,

i do not feel tired of saying how much i love your photos. They are just wonderful 🙂

Big kiss from Portugal, and sorry the bad english

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