taking creepy to the next level…

7 10 2008

first there was Orkut.  i’m huge in brazil.  well, gemma is at least.  that i get.  no, i don’t actually get the fake profile phenomenon, but i can follow the logic on how my photos of gemma got all over the site.  cute kid (if i do say so myself) + tons of public (not royalty free, just public) photos to choose from + bored teenagers = gemma renamed things like “luna” and “mellody”, covered in stupid hearts and rainbows.

really, it is tragic what they do to my photos.

but this.  well, this just turns the creepy up to 11.

a flickr contact found a person using my photos and my kids’ names and pretending to be their mom while answering questions with her years of parenting advice!  hey, she even has a blog!  why, apparently this 10 years younger other me loves camping.

after scanning her questions and answers, there is one thing i know.   jolene, no colleen, no jolene (can’t get the lies straight right from the start) needs to learn the definition of irony or stop using the word.




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7 10 2008

woha..it will never stop happening to you will it.

7 10 2008

this is crazy….and sad

7 10 2008
Femke Brouns

(I realize this doesn’t help, but) That’s really creepy…

7 10 2008

Wow. Just…wow. Creepy is definitely right.

7 10 2008

Some people need to get a life of their own! That is way too creepy for my liking!

7 10 2008

that’s horrible! i almost feel sorry for the imposter though. do some people have nothing better to do?!

7 10 2008
Kelly Anne

That is so creepy. People need to get their own lives.

Sorry this is happening to you again.

7 10 2008
Miz Booshay

My dad used to use the expression…”that person has a screw loose.”
I think it fits in this case….no?

So sorry you have to deal with boneheads like this!

7 10 2008

Wow girl. That is nuts.

7 10 2008

That CREEPY to the expendential degree!!! Seriously. Did you report them? Or heck, I noticed you could IM them… I would, tell them to get a life and stop pretending to be the mother of your children. Cause I’m pretty sure that after all you’ve been to your not sharing the “mommy” title.

7 10 2008

That is sad, creepy and a whole other bunch of words I cannot write here.

7 10 2008

Woah… Creepy, indeed.

If these people put as much effort into their real lives, perhaps it would actually interesting enough that they wouldn’t have to make up the fantasy worlds… {:-/

7 10 2008

Holy crap. Unbelievable. There should be laws against this. Are there laws against this? If there aren’t, there should be. This is scary enough to send shivers down my spine. Just makes you realize the world is not the place we’d like it to be. I’m so sorry.

7 10 2008

What in the world is wrong with people!?

7 10 2008

creepy & a bit scary! I am sorry to hear that this has happened to you!

7 10 2008

Okay, that’s so fucking lame.

And really really freaking creepy!

I hope things get better for you and your family!

7 10 2008
Anna Luizaab .MiniPhotographer


7 10 2008

Wow, what a weirdo.

I understand the use of photos for innocent character use, with the blogs that are made up and just like to have a face for the person they write (like an actor really), but of course they should ASK before they use them.

As for pretending to BE your actual children’s mother… that’s just insane. I’ve got to say again… what a WEIRDO!

7 10 2008

I first learnt of Orkut through you & that’s why I had to make my flickr stream F+F only once my daughter was born. I often say ‘thanx for sharing’ when I check your stream and I truely mean it but after reading this, I’m creeped out beyond belief!! Can you let us know why you won’t make your piks F+F only?

7 10 2008

I love how on one of her question responses she comments, “I highly doubt this is real btw.” Haha.

7 10 2008

there needs to be a new word created for just how creepy that is. sad, too. wow.

7 10 2008

That’s horrible. I signed into my Yahoo account and submitted an abuse report because it absolutely sickens me that someone could do that. Incredibly creepy. I hope they get deleted/banned etc. Let me know if you want a copy of what I said in the report.

7 10 2008


7 10 2008

Dude, she could at LEAST be creative enough to make up new names for them.

Impostors these days. No standards.

7 10 2008

I think it got deleted, because I signed into my yahoo account to do the same as Jaina, but can’t find it anywhere now. Can you confirm that it’s gone? Or let us know where it’s morphed to so we can report that one too?

7 10 2008
7 10 2008
7 10 2008

creepy x10. there was another gal on Flickr that found many of her pictures posted on CafeMom – same scenario, woman (we think, could either gender – makes it even creepier) claiming to be the mother, giving updates, telling stories of how she was up all night – with someone ELSE’S CHILD! Just sad, sick and wrong….I guess all we can do is arm ourselves with knowledge and do what we can to share these stories and warn others.

7 10 2008

Jeez. Creepy is right.
Sounds like you’re attempting to have a sense of humor about it and not take it too seriously, but I’m sure it’s a little weird to say the least.

*HUGS* to the REAL Devine family 🙂

7 10 2008

Sadly you are not the only person I have heard this happening to. I mean really how sad that someone has to pretend to be someone else and someone elses mama.

For the record I don’t like camping either.

I love pictures of your kids they are darn cute but I have no desire to pretend they are mine. Never would have even crossed my mind to do something like that. I guess though I am not crazy or creepy.

7 10 2008

Ah and one question? Did you contact her?

7 10 2008

Why do people have to get all weird and creepy and ruin something innocent?
I don’t get it.

7 10 2008
jelene morris

holie crap, why would someone want to do that?? and the name creeped me out because it’s SO close to my name by 1 letter!!! what a bunch of nutsos. i hope people realize what they are doing :\

8 10 2008
Lisa Campbell

That is so very creepy!

8 10 2008

wow, everyone wants to be you! flattering? haha freaky……
i sent jolene i mean colleen a little note..

8 10 2008

this is awful.

8 10 2008

how does stuff like this even cross peoples minds?!? unbelievable, i hope you are able to get the profile taken down!

8 10 2008

Really makes you wonder. I am sorry to hear this though. I don’t get it at all.

8 10 2008

Crazy! I “love” her answer to this question. The fact that she’s on the Auzzie network rather than some far away country like Brazil is pretty scary.

8 10 2008
Nathan Jones

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a bored Orkut teenager, taking this “game” to the next level…

8 10 2008

Did you report her to the administrators. They should shut down her account.

9 10 2008

woow…that was..beyond weird.o_o

9 10 2008

I’ve followed your photos for the past year or so and appreciate your openness and willingness to share them.

Though you must admit, you’ve made your life quite public. No, it’s not right, obviously the person who did this has no life. But with all you’ve put out there for anyone to see, you can’t be too surprised when something like this happens. As Harika75 asked, why not just make your photos F+F only?

Maybe I’ve been watching too many crime shows lately, but with all the pervs and psychos in this world, I’d be worried about this much information, and this many photos, about/of my life and children, being online.

In any case, best of luck getting this bogus profile removed.

9 10 2008
Louise Fletcher

I just don’t get it…? Really, I just don’t understand it … at all.

11 10 2008

OMG how sad! I got shocked when i saw this here! I mean how can she just lie like that! and have a lot of photos of you! that´s terrible!!! 😦

11 10 2008

I’m sorry to see that you have to go through this. I guess with the internet, people feel they can do anything they want and get away with it. I just wish there was something that could be done about it. Your family shouldn’t have to endure this stuff.

27 10 2008

That is so strange. I would innocently ask her in all her “parenting years and advice” how she feels of online predators using images of her kids that are on her blog.

6 11 2008

Wow, what a nutcase.

21 11 2008

ohh shoot!!did you leave her a comment or something on her page,she’s a real freak:S

24 01 2009

Oh my word! That is truly crazy! I hope you called her out on it. What is up with people? I just don’t get it.

9 04 2009

Hi, For starter, You children are SO beautiful.
But i was here to tell you some things,
Okay so i’m sure you’ve heard of the Twilight Saga series, Yadayada Well,
If you haven’t read them i’m going to sum it up for you,
Its about a girl not so popular not the prettiest person in the world she moved to Forks and meets the most beautiful man alive, Later find out hes a vampire and her blood is like “His own personal brand of heroine” Later in the series, The last book the get married and get pregnant,
The childs name is Renesmee, They describe Renesmee as to have Chocolate brown eyes (The color of her mothers) And brown hair, Well anyway i bet your woundering what my point is huh? Hah.
Okay well there such thing i have came across on the familar chat site, Myspace, Called Role playing. Where people make myspaces claiming to be the charactors of the book, well i don’t know if you know this but the charactor of Renesmee the little girl, there using the pictures they are using are of Gemma,

Heres the “Offical and First” The use her pictures, Link.


9 04 2009

unfortunately, i am aware of this. i should sell t-shirts and save for her college fund.

9 04 2009

Hahah, That would be a good idea.
I would just put her in the movie and go from there haha. It must be wierd huh?
I meen having your daughters photos all over the internet, Makes you think what creeps look at her.
I Was looking through my daughters profile and i saw her,
I’m a fan of your pictures so i thought she was actually in the movie. Ha.

20 05 2009

Well, just to add to the “creepy” This Myspace:


It has TONS of your pictures on it. She marked it private when I sent her a message-but she is claiming your daughter is her own, named “Vivian” and I know for a fact she has no children-but she has all these weird captions about how much “Vivian” looks like her as a baby….I sent her an email how “vivian” looks so much like your child, and how it is funny she appears in none of the pictures.

She is also telling people “V” will be in the last Twilight movie as the baby vampire…but I see you are aware of all the RP people using her picture.

There are too many crazies out there!

20 05 2009

thank you for letting me know of this person…she, like the others, does not have my permission to use the photos. terrible.

31 05 2009

Here is something I found the other day using pictures of your twins and your friend’s daughter Indra. It is on Myspace. Here is the link it is private. http://www.myspace.com/473701882. They are using Clover’s pictures for this one and then there is one using Keiran’s pictures. I’ll try to send the link for that one also, when I can locate it.

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