9 10 2008

that is my answer to why i will not go friends and family on flickr.

after the latest discovery of my photos being used with out my permission, people have asked why i keep my images public.  i keep them public because i want to.  because i can.  because if i go friends and family, “they” win.  “jolene” does not get to win just because she is creepy.

the creepies don’t scare me.  i just think they are creepy.  the gangs that tagged our garage door in LA scared me.

so if we all hide our lives, what the hell am i going to look at while i am procrastinating?

and for everyone who thinks i should go friends and family, here is a photo of a flower.  that is all you would be able to see in my stream.

boring, no?

oh and jolene, feel free to pretend that it is yours.




20 responses

9 10 2008

I hope you get the “jolene” problem sorted out soon. There are many of us out there who would recognize your photos of Gemma, Clover and Kieran within a second and we’d let you know of their misuse immediately. I love looking at your photos (on your flickr stream) and would be very sad if I couldn’t see them anymore. Thanks for staying strong !
(and yes, I prefer your children photos than your flower shots ;p)

9 10 2008

I totally agree with you. Jolene sucks why be threatened and I’m not loving the flowers so boring compared to your gorgeous trio!!
You rock so you cannot hide away the rest of the world needs to see you!!

9 10 2008

I am a faithful Sesame Ellis follower, and I have had Orkut problems of my own. I DID go F&F, but not without a heavy heart. This makes me seriously reconsider that decision, and letting my sweet boy’s face see the light of day again.

9 10 2008

Hmmm. My husband says go public and I’m tempted. I admire your resolve. We do let “them” win and that is sad. I guess I go FF because my kids can’t make that choice. But then we get into the whole Bill Henson thing, and I think that has got totally out of control. Rambling, and I’ve had a glass of wine, but, lots to think about.

9 10 2008

I personally am glad that you have so many public photos. I have to agree with you; “Jolene” isn’t a threat to you or your kids. She’s probably just bored or something. Thank you for continuing to share images and stories of your family with myriad fans who *don’t* pretend to be you. 😉

9 10 2008

I don’t know if I would have the courage, but I definitely admire yours. Good for you. I’m glad you aren’t letting them win.

9 10 2008

Well I for one am thoroughally glad you’ve decided not to go FF for now, anyway. Although this whole Jolene mess is entirely creepy, you haven’t let it get the best of you, and i’m proud (even though i’m sure it doesn’t mean all that much, being you don’t know me.) Anyway, I know that I for one, would be terribly upset if I couldn’t view your beautiful childrens pictures anymore, as they’re the first I come see when I go to flickr, and i’m sure you feel the same. Good for you not letting them win, and letting 1,000’s of people share in the joy of your life.

9 10 2008

No, Jolene doesn’t get to win just because she is creepy and pathetic. But I’ll “beg my bottle dollar” that Miss Jolene is getting harassed up the wazoo by your adoring public (I know I’ve sent her a message or two). Besides, talent such as yours (and beautiful faces such as those children’s) shouldn’t be bottled up behind an F&F restriction. That and Maddie likes to blow kisses to the babies on my pc screen in the morning while we eat our Cheerios. =) Thank you for continuing to share your beautiful, REAL family with us. God Bless.

9 10 2008

I love your attitude. I follow your flickr stream (& now blog :)) and am inspired. So-thankyou for that and screw all of the creeps out there who ruin it for the non-creeps.
-erin 🙂

10 10 2008

I am so glad that you are sticking to your no-nonsense guns, I agree not to let them win. And I would be so sad to only see a flower on your photostream, albeit a beautiful one, but still no gemma, kieran or clover? I don’t like it. I love your photostream and feel so honored that you allow those of us that follow it in to your world. You are an inspiration!

11 10 2008
kristen roedner

you rock!

11 10 2008

i go back and forth, just made most photos of my kids friends and family…arg. this post confirms what i have thought all along. i need to not do that anymore, i don’t want them to win.

14 10 2008

i have looked at your pictures daily ever since i stumbled upon them a couple years ago. i feel like i know you and your family. i love seeing whats going in your world. weird? maybe, but it brings me great joy because you capture something in your photos others rarely do. stay public! 🙂

14 10 2008

I totally agree with you!! I so look forward to your stories and pictures. You are such an inspiration!

15 10 2008

I totally agree with you, and thank you for keeping your stream open for all your fans…of which you have many! I’ve been ‘following’ your family’s growth for awhile now, and feel as if I know you five. I know I don’t really, but I definitely feel a connection.

Thanks for sharing them with us!

25 10 2008

I think you have a great attitude. I don’t do F&F and sometimes stop and think maybe I am wrong. But thank you for confirming what I already knew. I won’t let them win either!

25 10 2008
Kyle Mahaney

It really is awful, and such a shame that people are driven to such lengths to complete their sick fantasies. On the other side of the spectrum, what’s your opinion on the Orphaned Works Act? Not that it applies to you anymore.

30 10 2008

bravo!!! I flip flop about this often. I really have to spend my energy where it’s needed, watching out for my kids IRL.

31 10 2008

i just wanted to thank you for sharing your photos with the world. i am 22 weeks pregnant with twins and just happened upon your photos on flickr. they bring me endless smiles. you are awesome. and appreciated.

12 12 2008

Just wanted to echo some of the sentiments I came across in the comments. I came across your photostream because one of your pictures of Gemma (in a tub) made the Explore/Interesting page. Ever since I’ve dropped by and found inspiration to make photographs of my future children (if I have any) the same way you do yours.

Thanks for sharing your talent and your family Rachel.

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