red wine hour

14 10 2008

you know it.  the one that sneaks up on you even though it happens every. freaking. night.  the hour where your children take over the house and hold everyone hostage until the impatient rulers finally pass out from the effort.

clover knows that she just can't help it...she is going to have to scream for a while.

clover suggests i get my glass ready...

today, the bottle made it out of the cabinet and onto the counter, but i never had the energy to actually unscrew the lid.  oh well.  there is always tomorrow.  always.




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14 10 2008

i know red wine hour all too well. for me it is called happy hour and is full of beer, pretzels and play dough. my kids are jerks too; they all are. much love.

14 10 2008

OMG look at how big clover is getting!

14 10 2008

Of all your photos, this is one my favorites. Love the expression on Clover’s face!

14 10 2008

I understand how you feel. I can’t get over how big Clover is getting and look at little Gemma hanging on to her.

14 10 2008

oh man I hear ya… I had Mike’s hard lemonade hour…not as good as red wine hour but it did the trick.

14 10 2008

Lol, Clover’s expression reminds me of Kiki’s and Judy’s in those picture of Gemma’s showing her “love”. Too precious.

14 10 2008

I love reading your blog. You have a great sense of humor among what I can only imagine can be chaos a good portion of the time.

Your family is beautiful.

14 10 2008

I call it the ‘arsenic hour’, but yours sounds a bit more kind. 🙂 Love all of these shots, but Clover’s expression is priceless!

14 10 2008

Your children are precious!!! But I totally understand. That’s precisely WHY God made them so precious, for those hours:)

14 10 2008
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15 10 2008

so cute!

16 10 2008

just pour it in a sippy cup. then you don’t have to worry about unscrewing caps and stuff. 🙂

17 10 2008

Mmm, that sounds good right now. I hope you get your glass of wine tonight.

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