sinking in

16 10 2008

this morning while driving home from dropping gemma at school, i stopped at a traffic light on our little shopping street.  i looked to my left and for a second my heart skipped a beat.  there on the sidewalk was a woman with her 2 daughters.  a four year old lanky girl with pigtails, in a sundress and running shoes… her one year old sister clad in overalls happily chatting in a maclaren stroller.  the mom with her short brown ponytail had her back to me, but my mind put the simple scene with strangers through a filter of memories and missing and i thought it was my friend and her kids.  and i smiled.

then it hit me.

my friends don’t live here.  there was no way it could be them.

but you know what?  i wanted to honk and wave anyway, just in case the sheer power of my wishing could make it so.




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16 10 2008

moving sucks. :^(

16 10 2008

I could acutally cry..that is so sad and still such a beautiful thought, you should have waved I am sure she would be happy 🙂
I adore you from moving from all of your friends and not living where your relatives are..and I am sure you cry sometimes but that only shows stronger personality. I wanna move somewhere but I am not sure I could cope leaving all my frends and family, I am very attached to them, however reading your blog and watching your photos gets me a little stronger and I know somewhere I can get out of here and do what i want to do because i don’t want to be where I am (even if it is the best place and i love it) just because of fearness when I really would like to explore the world!! thank you

16 10 2008

i love you and miss you so freakin much.

16 10 2008

Wow…that made tears come. Beautiful writing Miss Devine, you should become a writer!! 🙂

17 10 2008

This was a sad post… I feel for you. I lived in Japan for two years. Loved it all so much but missed my friends terribly! I am home now (Melbourne) and am near my lovely friends – but miss Japan. I love reading about your life journey and moving to Aust is a big decision! I love your photos even more. You are not in Melb, are you? Chin up and remember skype/internet really helps make the world smaller!

17 10 2008


19 10 2008
Miz Booshay

What a beautiful sad story.

I’m sure you are greatly missed, Rachel.

19 10 2008

hugs to you. it’s hard to move away from friends. i really miss our church and the friends we moved away from 4 years ago.
i do dream of leaving america for another country though.

28 10 2008


Loved the thought of honking. Hehe.

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