i miss halloween

27 10 2008

and i have to say that i find that fact a bit strange since i have never really ever lived anywhere that got a lot of trick-or-treaters.  i grew up in the woods in a lovely private neighborhood where there were no other children my age.  my folks would indulge me as i went out the back door, walked around the house with my little plastic pumpkin and rang my own front door bell to get some candy from my own bowl.  just a little pathetic.

when i moved to los angeles i guess the “razor blade in candy” urban myth sent the tiny costumed beggars to the malls.  i always had candy ready and waiting by the front door…just in case.

when i got married and moved to a house in a neighborhood with other young families, i finally got my chance to hand out free candy.  so much fun being the giver of such simple happiness.  call me old fashioned, but i loved oohing and aahing over the sweet little costumes…oooh, what a nice neck wound, that almost looks fatal..here’s your chocolate.  wow, you really do look like a gang member, have 2 kit kats.

now my gemma is asking to trick or treat.  good thing i know that little back door/front door system from my childhood…in australia at halloween, she might as well be growing up in the woods.  so…we decided to throw a little party.  we brought halloween to our little corner of australia.

pushing lollipops

it was a great fun.  we met new friends and gemma had a chance to have her new school buddies come play.  maybe this will be a new tradition for us.  and as much as i was missing the holiday,  what i really think i was missing is the sense of community that goes along with begging your neighbors for candy.  now that i analyze things, i never had the storybook halloween experience anyway and the kid dressed up like a gang member quite probably was a gang member.




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27 10 2008
Miz Booshay

You write the nicest posts.

You may go down in history as the person who brought Halloween to Australia :o)

Your fish out of water stories might make a really cute and helpful children’s book :o)

27 10 2008

love this post. and as someone said on flickr–you are not only a gifted photographer, but also an equally gifted story teller. thanks for sharing. happy halloween.

27 10 2008

Oh my goodness….LOL! What a perfect little tradition, though. I never would have thought of having them run around the house and ring their own doorbell. Brilliant!

Here we actually do have the “fairytale” Halloween. We have a huge pot of chili and cornbread, thermos full off hot toddy for the men to take around the neighborhood whilst pulling the youngest goblin in a Radio Flyer Wagon…big groups of families get together taking the children out. Police officers patrolling the neighborhood handing out glow sticks and flash lights….I love it. I grew up in LA also….so it is a little girl fantasy come true for me 🙂

28 10 2008

that’s so great. and hey, you may start a new tradition not only for yourself, but australia! after all, who wouldn’t want to celebrate such an adorable holiday? (i live in florida in an old-people side of town, so we never get trick or treaters except for the occasional uncostumed couple of teenagers carrying – i kid you not – a victoria’s secret bag and asking for a chocolate handout – and it is very depressing. so i can imagine how sad it is to not have a halloween at ALL.)

28 10 2008

new here.
beautiful pictures. beautiful writing.
i’m off to explore some more.

29 10 2008

That sounds like so much fun, what a fun tradition!

31 10 2008

Missing Halloween over here in Far North Queensland…

Found your blog via Miz Booshay.

We moved here nearly three years ago as permanent residents, wanting to raise the kids somewhere similar to but far from South Florida. I’ve had some major bouts with homesickness but know beyond a doubt this is the best place to raise our girls. We are heading back in a few weeks due to a serious family illness, but not before we attend our citizenship ceremony. We will be back.

Beautiful photos, beautiful children.


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