dear gemma

29 11 2008

you amaze me.

you are so clever and kind.  smart and funny.  beautiful inside and out.


your laughter is like gold to me.  i am proud to be your mom.

happy 4th birthday.


getting here…

21 11 2008

the first four months of infancy is an endurance test for me.  it is like a personal tour de france except in the end i get clean jammies instead of a yellow jersey.  the hormones make me depressed, the lack of sleep makes me crazy and the tiny beings causing it all give me nothing for my pain.  the real smiles, the belly laughs, the basic head control that stops them from cracking me in the face when i pick them up comes later.  babies have to grow on me.

then one day, just when i thought i was going to chuck the baby books out the window…a baby slept through the night and with legs aching from months of walking and bouncing and just getting through the days…i was here.

and there are three kids here…no longer 2 newborns and gemma. just as much as i know that gemma loves to help make things in the kitchen, typing on a computer, anything purple and shoes that make a clip clop noise when she walks, i am learning that kieran loves to snuggle soft toys when he is tired and that clover will squeal if she is not getting my attention.  clover puts her hands behind her head when she wants to go to sleep.  kieran likes to watch the cat.  they are not thumbsuckers like their sister, they love their pacifiers.  the swing works for kieran, but not clover.  they both like to go for walks.  clover is never as loud in public as she is at home.  kieran is in less of a hurry and laughs harder.  clover has amazing determination.

they really are my son and daughter now and i actually do not mind when they get up at night.  i cherish those moments while i nurse them in the dark.  i am no longer just trying to get through it…to get there.  our life has not changed, it has transformed.

and now i need to go fold my clean jammies.


it’s my party and i’ll sell stuff if i want to!

6 11 2008

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happy 38th birthday to me!


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never thought i would see the day when virginia was a blue state!

5 11 2008

wow. i am really impressed with my home state.

i voted from australia although i knew that california would be going for obama anyway. i wanted to be part of history.

i watched live coverage from australia. it really was like watching history unfold.

my children will read about this day and i hope that they will also read about how it was the beginning of wonderful change in the world.