never thought i would see the day when virginia was a blue state!

5 11 2008

wow. i am really impressed with my home state.

i voted from australia although i knew that california would be going for obama anyway. i wanted to be part of history.

i watched live coverage from australia. it really was like watching history unfold.

my children will read about this day and i hope that they will also read about how it was the beginning of wonderful change in the world.




6 responses

5 11 2008

I hope so too… No, I believe so. I believe this is will be a new beginning, I’m excited to be a part of it.

5 11 2008
christine Gill

i am very proud of America, this’ll effect my country too…

5 11 2008
Karen (woopsie on Flickr)

My husband and I each took one of our children into the voting booth with us and let them pull the lever. I wanted them to know that we did it for them, for their future.

Thank you, Virginia!

5 11 2008

I love your photography. I am from VA too. I am proud to say that I helped VA turn Blue yesterday. Yay for voting from Australia.

5 11 2008
Miz Booshay

My daughter was at Grant Park last night for the Obama acceptance. While we are not democrats, when wonderful history is made it’s a glorious thing. I think it was a giant leap.

3 01 2009
pink and green mama

I am so proud of Virginia for finally voting blue. I am also a “Virginian” : ) Beautiful blog, gorgeous family and don’t beat yourself up about the baby’s sunburn. We all have things like that happen. I never would have guessed a baby’s skin could burn like that in the sun. We have to give our kids something to whine to their therapists about someday!

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