dear gemma

29 11 2008

you amaze me.

you are so clever and kind.  smart and funny.  beautiful inside and out.


your laughter is like gold to me.  i am proud to be your mom.

happy 4th birthday.




7 responses

29 11 2008

she sure is a special kid. happy bday darling girl!
a sweet note from a wonderful mom too.

1 12 2008

that almost made me tear up. what a sweet and simple love note to gem. she sure is precious. happy 4th year to you too mama rachel!

1 12 2008

Happy Birthday to her 🙂

1 12 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Gemma!
What a wonderful 4 year old you make!

Outstanding writing…once again…Miss Devine!!

2 12 2008

Aww…that brought tears to my eyes.

So sweet. You capture all those things about her in your photos.

Yeah, Happy 4th Birthday Gemma!

I hope to meet you one day!

3 12 2008

Happy Birthday pretty Gemma!

5 12 2008

happy birthday Gemma anything good for you that today’s date be repeated for many years for every year you can celebrate your birthday with everyone, love you my little ❤
Rachel you sorry you be more imcomodando think you should already know the fakes from gemma? then love has several girls using the photos of her sin and making love with the pictures then I wanted her permission to do away with these girls you me of this permission? and allows me to use the photos of Gemma as well fake me through original and forcing them to use?

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