tis the season to see the magic in tiny miracles

6 12 2008

like the one where your “embarrassed to catch her own reflection watching her” 4 year old gets up in front of a hall full of strangers and strangers’ parents and sings her little heart out.  what a great way to end her first school year in australia.  she will have a new school after the holidays.  we want the 3 kids to be in the same campus and since kieran can’t go to an all girls one, the decision had to be made.  i am sad.  we, gemma and i, were just hitting our stride.  she was making friends and i was making conversation with the other moms mums (don’t get me started) in the parking lot.  it does not happen easily for me, so i’m not sure what we will find on this next part of our journey.  i can only hope the people will be as kind as they have been at this place.

the kids all did such a wonderful job…i was proud of each one of them.  i was also proud of clover who did not lose her mind during the show.  ah heck, i was proud of myself for hand holding the d3 while taking shots at a ridiculously slow shutter speed while also holding the aforementioned non-screaming clover.


now can i just say, it took me way too long to go through the files and get this blogged.  the twins are not at all interested in enabling my internet habit.




2 responses

10 12 2008

it looks like such a great afternoon and a sweet show. I’m glad her school was such a wonderful introduction to australia for gem and you both and sorry you had to say goodbye.

16 12 2008

Those are the cutest babies on earth.

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