i know you, murphy’s law

15 12 2008

and i know how you work.  today though, i used you and with a little give and a little take and a splash of really don’t care, i got a photo of all 3 of my kids NOT CRYING with santa.  oh yes i did.

listen to me other mothers, this is how you do it.  go into your children’s rooms.  open a drawer, close your eyes and grab and outfit.  don’t you dare match things.  in fact, by the time you get to the mall, it is best to be missing at least one shoe.  if they have hair, don’t brush it.  heck, if they have teeth, don’t brush those either.  go when the mall is busy and your children are hungry.  try to find something christmassy in only the shops in a  3 store radius from the big guy’s chair.  spend no more than $5 on festive crap that is not to be tried on prior to the photo as to make sure that the cute santa hat for your baby boy is waaaaaay to small for his massive head.  in case of emergency, buy a dog costume for your daughter and just tell her it is a kid sized headband, she will never know.

last but not least, plan a cute card based completely around the fact that all 3 of them will be crying and voila:


note:  i did buy the package with all the prints i need and even though i color corrected this file for them, it is only for the blog.




28 responses

15 12 2008

awww…very sweet. love the description and the copyright notice. lol

15 12 2008

Haha, I love your instructions. I’ll earmark them for when I have kids…

But really, this picture is cute and Gemma’s (dog) headband is super cute too.

15 12 2008

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh are the angles singing in your head??? Man I have watched three years now? humm. pics of Gemma watching Santa by far…WOW!! this is something..I don’t care what they are wearing! LOL I know your heart jumped out of your chest! lol!

Melissa Masters
M&M Photography… from flickr :o)

15 12 2008

No way.

No. way.

15 12 2008

this is hilarious!

15 12 2008
Danielle Stahl

I have tears from laughter streaming down my face!!! That is GOLD.

15 12 2008

this is a great photo..you must love this so much!

15 12 2008

that is nutty. and wicked cute. can’t believe it!

15 12 2008
Heather B.

You have the most beautiful kids. Seriously.

15 12 2008
Angela Klocke

Tee hee – do not plan to succeed! Love it!

15 12 2008

I’m laughing like a nut over here, I feel ya and know that all the same, this capture is a treasure.

15 12 2008
Paul Applegate

Still in shock. WOW. What a priceless photo ! She is growing up and facing her fears.

15 12 2008

You are hilarious!! Wonderful photo to be forever cherised 🙂 Thanx so much for sharing your humour, wit and family 🙂

15 12 2008

hahah oh my this made me laugh!

15 12 2008

yay!!!!!! Gemma is so brave!!!
(santa does not look too impressed though LOL)

15 12 2008

you are so funny, rachel. you make my day brighter, more inspired and just all-around lovelier. hope your Christmas is merry and your New Year a delight! thanks for being a “virtual friend.” LOL

15 12 2008

LOL…….i can’t stop laughing at your story……i am so glad you got a perfect pic of them with Santa, and this is the twins 1st x-mas, very impressive

15 12 2008

Wow! Your writing always has me laughing. I LOVE reading your blog because it’s so real. Also your cranky baby girl sounds a lot like my son so it’s encouraging reading a blog with someone going through the same thing, well- except you have another baby boy to even add more to the mix. lol

I LOVE the picture- it’s so precious I honestly didn’t even notice the clothes! And I actually think the cheesy Christmas stuff adds to the picture- it’s just a perfect little Santa picture!

15 12 2008

I love that story too funny. And how great the picture turned out.

15 12 2008

I am constantly amazed at your wit and your ability to stay sane! You’re the best and funniest mom EVER! I hope I’m half as cool and you when I have kids. 🙂

15 12 2008
Lisa Campbell

haha! wonderful! Not surprised you had to color correct the photo.

15 12 2008

haha! so cute!

also, i was going to say that i have a set of these reindeer antlers for my doggies. 🙂

15 12 2008

goodness, i was liturally laughing out loud reading this. and the picture really is cute! as is the tiny santa hat.

16 12 2008

OMG, I’m laughing, crying, and *almost* peeing my pants at the same time! What a riot. And hooray for you!!!

16 12 2008

Hahahahahah, I am convulsing from
the insanity of it all. Way to pull
it off!

16 12 2008


You rock.

17 12 2008
Lisa K

Oh if only I had my kids little again I would so do JUST what you said!! I do remember those days like is was yesterday. You spend all morning getting just the right outfits and then you get to the mall and your kids don’t want to play AT all! LOL Great Job!! You got the perfect, well as perfect as can be, Santa picture and NO tears! Yeah!!!

19 12 2008

That’s awesome! Good work, I’m seriously impressed.

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