where is the page in the album for “baby’s first second degree burn”?

21 12 2008

the mother of the year award is going to have to go to someone else in 2008.  for one thing, i am sneaking chocolate behind my 4 year old daughter’s back as i type this.  but really, i think the real reason i am out of the running would be the fact that i let my baby daughter get second degree burns yesterday on her face, both hands and one leg.  *high fives*

my stupid defense for not putting sunscreen on the twins is that they are not 6 months old for a few more weeks.  all the sunscreen i had said not to put it on a baby younger than 6 months.  so i dressed them in long sleeved pant suits with socks.  we turned their pram away from the sun and with hats in place, babies in the shade, off we went.  gemma had so much sunscreen on, it smelled like i was walking behind a giant pina colada.

at some point a tiny bit of the pants rode up on clover’s leg and there was about 2 inches of fresh ivory baby skin just ripe for the burning.  and her hands, HER HANDS!  who gets sunburn on their hands?  clover does, that is who.

like poor clover needed anything else to be grumpy about.  great job mom.

off to the doctor today.  and then off to buy the blackout curtain for the pram.




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21 12 2008

poor, poor baby and even poorer mama! Hugs to Clover AND to you!

21 12 2008

Aww poor baby girl 😦 I feel for you, I truly do. Four years ago I was carrying my then 4 week old in the sling (babasling – excellent!) at a Chrismtas picnic. I had a cloth nappy over his face when walking in the sun but even that didn’t stop him from getting sunburnt. I felt so guilty. He was burnt across his cheeks and nose, on one of his hands and on one foot.

I hope Clover is feeling better soon and isn’t in too much pain.

21 12 2008
christine Gill

awww you poor thing, rach.

stoopid sun : (

22 12 2008

Don’t beat yourself up about it.

You did all your could and following labels is the best that we can do sometimes. At the end of the day, as long as we try to do what’s best for our children, that’s all we can do.

Hope Clover gets well soon.

22 12 2008

Ohh you poor things.. *hugs* hope you both feel better soon.

California Baby is great and safe for babies under 6 months: http://www.californiababy.com/no-fragrance-spf-30-sunscreen-lotion-2-9-oz.html

But yeah, put the stuff on their hands and like it’s not going to somehow end up in their eyes.. what are you supposed to do? Baby oven mitts? Baby mini space suit?

22 12 2008

oh bum… that is sooo not good for feeling good… lots people do that… specially those not up with the super duper Aussie heat! My Aunt who lives in Coolum – she had her bub under an umbrella on the beach and a lady came and warned her that her sisters baby got terrible burns even under the umbrella!!
hard way to learn… i still think your the most amazing mum!! hope all feeling better very soon…

22 12 2008

Poor sweet Clover… that looks like not much fun!! But don’t beat yourself up about it… you were clearly trying *very* hard to do what was best for her and she’ll bounce right back I’m sure.

22 12 2008

i get sunburned on my hands. go figure. she needs to gain some freckes…haha

22 12 2008

Hey Rachel, you did your best. Perhaps venturing to the beach after 3pm may work better for little Clover 🙂 Get well soon gorgeous bubs *fingers X’d*

22 12 2008

Oh my gosh, the burn on her leg looks so sore! Poor baby. I hope she gets better soon.

22 12 2008

Oh, I’m sorry baby girl. And it’s okay; you’re not the first (and most likely won’t be the last) to do that. At least…. I hope not. Get better soon Clover!

22 12 2008

She will be just fine. I know It’s hard not to be angry at yourself. You are a great mom. AMAZING! Twins is killer and your doing a great job.

Hope Clover feels better soon.

23 12 2008
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[…] where is the page in the album for “baby’s first second degree burn”? the mother of the year award is going to have to go to someone else in 2008.  for one thing, i am sneaking chocolate […] […]

24 12 2008

How could you have known. I mean really wow. Poor baby but even more so poor mama!

Nothing like your first sun burn good thing she will not remember it only you will.

24 12 2008
christine Gill

those burns are all better by now, yeah?
so, merry merry christmas gorgeous girlie xxx

28 12 2008
Meadow Beidler

😦 I can imagine how bad you felt. The rays must be a lot different down there. I saw some mention of California Baby, I second that. It gets some of the highest protection ratings. I love the stick you can keep all the time for touchups. Thanks for sharing your ‘human’ moments too! Happy New year

1 01 2009

Poor baby!! I hope she heals very soon. Of course, my son got second degree burns three weeks ago when he stuck his fingers in a pot of boiling water while I answered the door. Bleeech.

And the best chocolate is the chocolate that you sneak.

3 01 2009

OMG!!!! This is so awful for you and of course for Clover…man….I had my daughter in the Fall/winter so when I had my sun in April and was faced with a summer of sun and now sunblock I was a freak about the sun. My husband is a red head and so is my brother so I was so freaky about staying out of the sun I think my friends thought I was a bit crazy but after hearing this story…man. I seriously am in shock I had no idea it could happen even when you were as careful as you were. Boy…but I don’t live in as warm a climate as you do. I think you are one of the best mother’s ever!!! Hope you both recover very quickly…:)

9 05 2009

i feel realy bad for her i just burned my 4 fingers at school and i had to go to the emergancy room and put sivadine creme on my hands and the pain continues to get me but at the hospital i had good nerses and they gave me motrin

13 05 2015
Steve Cole

Hi! My name is Steve Cole and I am a paramedic/educator. This photo came up on a google search for images that were available for reuse. I would like to use this in a burn lecture as an example of a superficial partial thickness burn. It is non-commercial/educational use for other EMTs and Paramedics, and attribution would be provided. Creative commons type of use. Thank You. -Steve

13 05 2015

Sure thing Steve. Feel free!

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