i swear i heard my camera say “not her again”

6 01 2009

it really is time for me to get back to work.  while i rarely (fine) never put my camera down, i am aching to take photos.

let me explain.

i am ready to get back to work.  i think both gemma and my camera will appreciate some new faces in front of my lens.  it is exciting to begin building my business here and i am looking forward to meeting new people.  this past year has been one where i decided to focus on growing my family and embracing the changes that brought us to australia.  after 13 years in business in los angeles, i could do nothing but trust that my work could  follow me across the world and find a new home here.  it has been and continues to be an exciting and beautiful time which i will keep blogging through my (almost) daily photos here and on flickr.   the best part is that with the support of my family here,  i am once again able to do what i love to do.  i have big plans for 2009 (including private consultations for photographers, special sessions with another photographer in march, new actions and more)…those details will be coming.  watch the blog and flickr for the new webpage with all the information!

so without further ado or whatnot, i am now booking sessions.  there are limited spots, so please email for details.

to get things rolling…a few aussies who are not related to me!



{commercial kid photography & private portrait commissions – melbourne, australia}




10 responses

6 01 2009

Congrats on getting back out there 🙂 I am anxious to see new faces too but still love to see the twins and Gemma. I’m so happy for you!

6 01 2009
dina marie

i have always found your work refreshing and you love of family is inspiring… i hope to meet you some day. Congrats on the new goals.

6 01 2009

Gorgeous! Rachel is back open for business. =)

6 01 2009
Miz Booshay

You are my hero!

6 01 2009
Tracy Allyn Croysdale

Congratulations! So exciting for you… and for all of us!

6 01 2009

Good luck building your new business. Australia should know how lucky it is. Those pictures are great. Also, random, but a friend was telling stories from their trip to Australia recently, and she was talking about going down with a guide to the Southern Coast and seeing penguins! Thought I’d mention it…thought Gemma might like something like that. You can’t take pictures of them (the light flash freaks them out). You have to hold fairly still, but they will come up and cuddle against you because they think you’re a rock. It sounded really cool

6 01 2009

Why am I just now finding out that you have a blog? I really need to pay more attention to things.

I’m happy you’re getting back to work– you’re so very talented.

6 01 2009
Annie (Maddie's Mom)

Congratulations! I’m sure you’re very happy to be back to doing what you obviously love to do. I have been so inspired by your work and your talent. Melbourne certainly is lucky to have you!! Best wishes for ample success.

6 01 2009

HURRAH! Congrats and good luck! I can’t wait to see the results 🙂

8 01 2009

congrats- can’t wait to see all the magic you will create. Love your work xo Heleen

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