one of those things

14 01 2009

that never changes…bathing babies in sinks is a crowd pleaser.

sink bath

here goes the post that reads:

i can’t believe how big the babies are getting.  well, no one can call clover big.  at only 12 1/2 pounds, she is in the bottom 3% of 6 month old babies.


but, sitting in the sink for a bath, grabbing at the falling water and splashing their little mitts…i was in awe of the time passing and the people emerging.





7 responses

14 01 2009

they amaze me. their tiny-ness used to feel like it was going to last forever, but they are total little people now. wow.
i love these so much 🙂

14 01 2009

they’re beautiful. kids are amazing. yours too.

14 01 2009

I can’t believe it’s been 6 months already! I really hope to see you this Summer…

14 01 2009

What a wonderful journey this has been… all your hard work in bringing these perfect little people into this world. I smile every time you post new pics of them. They are your eternal legacy.

14 01 2009

they are so adorable. 6 months and they’re moving on to become little people already ?! just amazing 🙂

16 01 2009

They are both so darn cute. I can’t believe they’re already 6 months old.

31 01 2009

I love this photo!

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