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29 01 2009


the new issue of the wonderful web photography and design magazine, design aglow is out now.  i was interviewed for an article on commercial photography for this focus on branching out!  the entire issue is just gorgeous and there are some invaluable tips about marketing and networking in addition to the inspirational images from all 11 featured photographers.  jamie, the writer who interviewed me, did an amazing job of garnering information over the phone as i hid from all 3 of my children.  i got a chance to talk about the ad campaign that i shot for the little gym and even shared some SOOC shots (all the little gym shots are SOOC and i am feeling a wee bit nakey) as that is how they were required to be submitted to the agency.  one of the things i wanted to convey about commercial photography is that you have to do what the company has hired you to do even if it is a little out of your comfort zone.  it also highlights how you need to be able to get pretty good images SOOC since that is what people are going to see.  since i am still waiting for the tear sheets, i will post some of the ways i have seen some of the images used so far.


gemma is featured in what seems to be the majority of pieces i have been told about.  i have gotten so many emails from people saying they have seen her, but only a few sent copies of the mailers.  if anyone has a good shot of the posters of her in the stores or of the multiple direct mail pieces that have been sent out, please send me an email!  i would love to get some copies for the blog.

here is one flyer next to a christmas card of his kids that a flickr contact sent to me via email from his iphone!  (thank you eric – i blurred out your girls’ names just in case)


and another one from a flickr friend (thanks angie!)


i have shared quite a bit in the article and if you are looking to get more information or work on anything in your photography, i am now offering photography consultations.  i will be doing them online using skype/email/and even over the phone so that anyone anywhere can take advantage of this opportunity.  i also offer now, one on one photo tutoring sessions in melbourne.  think of them as your own personal workshop where you get to learn just what you get to learn.  online or in person!  please email me ( for more information or check out sesame ellis for more details.




7 responses

29 01 2009

all of this looks great! man, you really ARE back and in a big way.
you rawk.

29 01 2009
lanierstar photography

i wish i had known that you wanted Little Gym flyers! i had one with Gemma on it that was different from the one shown. i’ll keep an eye out.

30 01 2009

I saw Gemma on that Little Gym ad! I can’t remember, but it was online somewhere. So cool!

30 01 2009

That’s awesome! This has got to be exciting to be back to work. I know motherhood is wonderful, but so is the work you do. Glad I could help out with a picture of the mailer 😉

30 01 2009

Excellent!!! G xx

30 01 2009
Rachel (Piper_H)

That poster of Gemma is so cute! Great job.

6 02 2009
haley lamb

I so enjoyed this article in design aglow! thanks for sharing your knowledge!!

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