year one

26 03 2009

is in the past as today i mark my anniversary of moving to melbourne. while it feels like home, i still feel as if i am just getting my toes wet.

melbourne sea

nothing is new now. when i start a sentence with “last year i…” it will be referring to something that happened in melbourne.


perfect pair session – melbourne, australia

22 03 2009

perfect pair collage

must see large

While my fantastic photographer friend Peta Mazey has been visiting in Melbourne we teamed up and offered some exclusive joint sessions. So much fun!

We wanted to share some of our images from one of these sessions. This was one of our favorite perfect pair sessions to date.

We will be in the US in July this year and are excited to offer a few perfect pair sessions on the East Coast while there. Email for more info and to be put on our waiting list.

why can’t the internets just work?

18 03 2009

i just do not get it. my website went down for the hosting company to do some “maintenance” and then it never went back up. then went back up, but not that points to my action site on really, how hard is it to just do it right the first time? i am picturing some guy with a donut in one hand, a 50 gallon jug of 7-11 coffee on the desk flicking switches with the other hand. i think the maintenance was that he had to clean crumbs and spilled coffee from his keyboard.

anyway, i am having an action sale. i have gotten emails from people who can’t get to the action site and wanted to buy them…they got 25% off for their trouble…now it is an offer to everyone. one day only. 25% off. email me for details.

the website will be back up and working at the proper address as soon as i kick someone’s internet a**.

you can see the site here:

i am working on a new set of lightroom and acr presets that should be released in the next few weeks. everyone who has bought the actions and presets in the past will get a chance to buy these new ones at a special rate!

here is a preview of the new ones:
the new ones

oh eczema, how we will not miss you.

14 03 2009


the angry chicken is no longer angry. instead of screams, our house rings with the sound of her blowing raspberries. she pips and squeals with delight. even though her scratching hands are still on auto-pilot, occasionally raking over her tummy out of habit, she is now exploring the world with those strong little fingers.

i can’t believe that we fixed her. and i can’t believe that she had to suffer for so long. and i blame america. ok, not really, but kinda.

clover has always been loud. she was kicked out of the nursery in the hospital for waking the other newborns. the midwives brought her back to me with a pained smile calling her “feisty” as they hurried back out of my room. she slept in 30 grumpy minute spurts, squirming and clearly uncomfortable. lets be honest, inside my belly, i knew she would be trouble.

i brought her home and everyone started calling her “spirited” and “colicky”. to me it seemed like something else. i went through every natural, organic, and homeopathic potion looking for a cure, but nothing quite worked. her skin flared to match her temper and she started to look as painful as she sounded. great, eczema AND colic. i was tired. and hungry. and i had just enough time to make myself one more peanut butter and honey sandwich. PEANUT BUTTER and honey, because i am an american and we eat peanut butter. in fact, through both of my pregnancies, i craved peanut butter. i ate it with apples and i ate it on toast. this time i was eating it with my 1/2 american 4 year old daughter slash peanut butter sandwich addict.

i kept the eczema as under control as i could with a 3x daily regimine of creme and lotions. i tried the natural stuff and she rashed up even more, so back to the big plastic jars of QV creme and QV balm. i rationed out the one bottle of Corn Husker’s Lotion for her head since it was the only thing i had that was not too greasy. she still suffered. i shoved her growing hands into newborn mittens to protect her. somehow she would pull those off to scratch her skin raw. she would writhe in her sleep and wake often. i think she learned to roll over just to scratch her belly on the floor.

to top it all off, she failed to grow. in fact, she got tinier.

and then she developed enlarged lymph nodes. that sent us back to a a bevy of doctors who finally suggested some allergy testing.

i was sure it was the dairy or maybe the soy. at the office, the doctor pricked her skin with the allergens and sent us to the waiting room. a huge welt began to develop before the control hive even showed up. something did not agree with my baby. and sure enough, she is allergic to dairy soy PEANUTS.

i did not expect peanuts, they are bloody american staple food. i had heard of peanut allergies, but i was never related to anyone with one.

apparently clover’s is a strong allergy and even if we kissed her after having peanuts, she could have a reaction…even up to 3 days after we ate the darn things. i don’t think i went 3 days without having peanut-something…until now.

we are a peanut free house. gemma will just have to get used to vegemite because her american kid sandwich is no longer on our menu. (don’t worry, i am not that mean, we are getting almond butter.)

the doctor also gave us a Rx ointment (Advantan – Fatty Ointment – methylprednisolone aceponate) for the really red eczema…we used it for a few days and have not had to put it back on her since. so with that and no one in the house having peanuts, we now have a spotless, smooth and contented baby. i am thankful for the fact that it is only peanuts as i know it could have been a lot worse. and i am glad we know about it now, so we can be careful with our girl.

for those who have asked the secret, i can only speak from our experience…allergy testing.

the greening of melbourne

14 03 2009

on the back deck

it rained and we got caught in it and we played in our bare feet and then we went inside so the babies could nap.

the air smells like heaven

our brand new rain water tanks are filling up.

playing in the rain

~ melbourne australia kid photography ~

look out qantas, we are bringing the chicken on board.

11 03 2009

clover pp

kieran pp

we have our tickets!!!!!! to go back to the states!!!!!! in june and july, so it was time to get passports for our newest family members. just like gemma, the twins will have passports from both the US and Australia. it kills me that these pictures are what they will have with them until they are big kids. i changed kieran out of his baby jammies and into a big boy shirt for the photo…he can thank me when he is 7.

more about our trip in coming posts. i am looking forward to documenting it. we are going to make the griswalds from the national lampoon’s vacation series look quiet, well behaved and organized.

parents’ room

11 03 2009


from the new series…
because with 3 kids, i spend a lot of my time out finding the restrooms. and because people have to stop me to look at my pram and ask “are they twins” and then we have the 4 & 1/2 minute conversation about them not looking anything alike, it takes me forever to get anything done.

i am amazed at the decor and state of these rooms.

might as well find some art in it all.