mental health day

3 03 2009

last month it was hot.  hotter than i remember it being in dubai, and that was like a fancy oven.  one day it was the warm before the next heat storm and gemma just did. not. want to go to school.  i figured that the heat had made her more tired and the full time school after 2 months of vacation was a lot for a little kid to be expected to deal with.

i have seen her stall before, but this was different.  she wanted her mommy and i remember that feeling.  ah heck, i still have many days where i want my mom.  so wild to think that i am that to her…to 3 people.    so we took a mental health day.  the 3 kids and i all packed up and hit the town for a little adventure.  then we came home and played some more.

we went to a wonderful place in the prahran section of melbourne called family life… it is a gorgeous space that hosts a hip kid boutique, tasty cafe and unique furniture store all rolled up in one big play place for mums and kids. i am proud to announce that my work will be featured there…huge canvases on the walls. i will also be working with a few of the clothing lines in the future. it is the perfect collaboration! i can’t wait to get started.







One response

4 03 2009

what a wonderfully awesome way to spend the day.

i, too, remember that feeling of just wanting to be home with mommy. i need to give into it occasionally too.

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