look out qantas, we are bringing the chicken on board.

11 03 2009

clover pp

kieran pp

we have our tickets!!!!!! to go back to the states!!!!!! in june and july, so it was time to get passports for our newest family members. just like gemma, the twins will have passports from both the US and Australia. it kills me that these pictures are what they will have with them until they are big kids. i changed kieran out of his baby jammies and into a big boy shirt for the photo…he can thank me when he is 7.

more about our trip in coming posts. i am looking forward to documenting it. we are going to make the griswalds from the national lampoon’s vacation series look quiet, well behaved and organized.




10 responses

11 03 2009

i still have my passport from when i was a baby. it’s is definitely something to treasure. and yes he will thank you

12 03 2009
Miz Booshay

I am so happy for you to be coming back for a visit!!!

The passport shots are too sweet!

Happy planning. :o)

12 03 2009

They are so precious….how neat their first passport. I bet you are so excited to be going back to the states to visit. And you took awesome shots. These are great passport pics.

13 03 2009
Jenny T

These are the cutest passport photos I think I have ever seen in my entire life!!!! P.S. I love the Griswolds/Vacation movie! Can’t wait to see the photos documenting your journey back home!

13 03 2009

how fun!!!
traveling with kids- good luck! maybe we’ll be able to meet yall during your trip to VA =D

14 03 2009
kristen morgan

love the griswold comment! 🙂

16 03 2009

yay! hopefully i’ll *finally* get to meet you when you’re here, although we will probably be moving the beginning of june.

18 03 2009

Those are TOOOOO cute!

8 04 2009

very cute kids !!!

8 04 2009

im pretty sure he will thank you ,
i know i would

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