parents’ room

11 03 2009


from the new series…
because with 3 kids, i spend a lot of my time out finding the restrooms. and because people have to stop me to look at my pram and ask “are they twins” and then we have the 4 & 1/2 minute conversation about them not looking anything alike, it takes me forever to get anything done.

i am amazed at the decor and state of these rooms.

might as well find some art in it all.




2 responses

11 03 2009

I’m sorry to hear that you still have to have the 4.5 min conversations, but if they weren’t so darn adorable…
: )

13 03 2009
Jenny T

People are so stupid sometimes. If I saw you in a bathroom and looked in the pram I would know they are fraternal twins. They look like brother and sister but they each have their own special look. My sister and I do not look alike – she has brown hair and I am blonde. People always ask if she is my sister because we look so different. Then the next question is do we have the same parents. Yes, we do. If people would look at us more closely they can tell we are sisters.

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