why can’t the internets just work?

18 03 2009

i just do not get it. my website went down for the hosting company to do some “maintenance” and then it never went back up. then racheldevine.com went back up, but not sesameellis.com that points to my action site on racheldevine.com. really, how hard is it to just do it right the first time? i am picturing some guy with a donut in one hand, a 50 gallon jug of 7-11 coffee on the desk flicking switches with the other hand. i think the maintenance was that he had to clean crumbs and spilled coffee from his keyboard.

anyway, i am having an action sale. i have gotten emails from people who can’t get to the action site and wanted to buy them…they got 25% off for their trouble…now it is an offer to everyone. one day only. 25% off. email me for details.

the website will be back up and working at the proper address as soon as i kick someone’s internet a**.

you can see the site here:

i am working on a new set of lightroom and acr presets that should be released in the next few weeks. everyone who has bought the actions and presets in the past will get a chance to buy these new ones at a special rate!

here is a preview of the new ones:
the new ones




4 responses

18 03 2009

Eep! Now I feel bad for inquiring about future preset updates. 🙂 Glad to hear they’re coming along, I loveLoveLOVE them (and all of your work).

20 03 2009

ok… soooo question. I was just about to jump on the bandwagon (I know, I’m late… as per usual) for these that I’ve been drooling over.

do I nab them now, and get the new ones soon too!?

or wait for it all/updates?

or get the described discount even though I’m slow on the uptake… ?

gah, soory, I’m an annoyance.

20 03 2009

so I swore I posted a comment/inquiry here… alas it’s not, unless you have to approve, then I’ll feel like an even bigger dweeb, gah!

9 04 2009

amancay, your domain was sent to spam, sorry!

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