counting my blessings

13 04 2009

like little ducks in a row…i am counting my blessings and with each breath i am feeling grateful for my children who are all asleep in their beds. healthy and happy and getting bigger every day.

the last few days on the internet have seen the sudden passing of a few children…i know of them because their mothers blog. it is like seeing someone on the playground. you nod and smile…there is always more time to say hello. tomorrow. my chest feels heavy as i read their stories. i know there are a lot of people who follow my photos and stories…i don’t get a chance to respond to comments on flickr or to say “hi” all that often, but i am now. so here i am waving and thanking you all for helping create such a nice neighborhood on the internet.

some time ago, i started reading about buddhism. so many things clicked for me and i have made a promise to myself to not take a moment for granted. when it gets crazy with 3 children whining and screaming and i am sweating from the stress, i literally stop and close my eyes and savor the moment…because i can. because they are all there with me and i know just what a gift that is.

easter holidays brought us 5 days as a family. and we played and we were together and that is all that matters to me. it almost made me forget that i did not get any peeps this year (hint hint, mom.)

from our day at the pool…(point and shoot camera. jpegs all edited with my new lightroom/acr presets that are i swear coming soon.)







lunch face

stroller.  ready to go home.




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13 04 2009

this post makes my heart happy – I know how loved & cherished your kids are & am so happy your wishes came true & that i know you in real life as well as online,

13 04 2009

Sweet, beautiful kiddos… thank you for letting your kids play in the “neighborhood.” I love seeing them through your eyes. Your writing and photography never cease inspiring.

13 04 2009

I don’t often comment, but I check in here from time to time. What you say really resonates for me too. The idea of living in the moment is something I practice (don’t always achieve – ha ha). And yes, the community I have discovered online has become so important to me. I get to meet some of them (for real) next week at a Sydney SCPBA mixr. Can’t wait. Perhaps one day I’ll get back to Melbourne and meet some of you wonderful ladies down there! Lovely to have “met” you and thanks for the part you play in my “stay-at-home-look-after-the-kids” life right now : )

14 04 2009

I hear you! I visit your flickr stream when your images pop up in my contacts page and your family is just like a mirror image! I have so much admiration for your talents as a photographer.

I too have a little girl who has just started school and I also have boy/girl twins! There is not a day that goes by that I am not grateful for the sounds that echo through my house; whether they are of laughter or tears they are treasured just the same, they are the reason I smile everyday!

I have a great friend who I met in the back of an ambulance; both of us 32wks pregnant with boy/girl twins and both with 2 ½ year old girls! We were both being transferred from the Gold Coast to Brisbane in labour. Her name is Kelsy and mine Kelly and believe it or not we lived just around the corner from each other! Anyway (getting carried away), she gave me a book called “Buddhism for Mothers with Lingering Questions” and if you haven’t already read it I would recommend it.

My twins; Mackenzie & Alexander are now 2 ½ and are full on! We visited the zoo today and as tired as I am now it was the most fun we as a family have had in a long time!

If you are ever in sunny QLD let me know; I would love to exchange stories and I would give anything to learn from your photography talent.


14 04 2009

Wise words and so important for us to remember. Thanks for reminding me to breath and enjoy the chaos every second that it happens.

15 04 2009

May your happiness last for ever. Keep making us happy with wonderful photos and stories 🙂

15 04 2009
alexis tahjay

your such a wonderful person=P.i dont have only 19 but i LOVE kids ..their so curious..hilarious..loving..just amazing=D. also i love the clarity and definition of the first guessing [since you mentioned it]the [new lightroom/acr presets] soooooo getting whatever action did that

16 04 2009
Gail at Large

Your family is so adorable! That photo of Gemma with the towel on her head — she looks so much like you there.

16 04 2009

Beautiful post Rachel. I share your heavy heart about the tragic losses lately. They break my heart. I love these beautiful, joyful shots you have here 🙂

24 04 2009

I’m sorry you are dealing with grief. I enjoyed the pictures of your kids at the pool. They all look so happy!

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