it is an antibiotic kind of weekend

17 04 2009

i have been feeling pretty rotten for the last week or so and was not really sure what was going on. i just figured that i was coming down with whatever strain of germs kieran was brewing.


no flu for me…i had no idea that my aching chest was related to the fever and joint pains, but after a trip to the doctor i have been given the diagnosis of mastitis.

i thank australia for making medication containing codeine over the counter.

clover has decided that now is the perfect time to start rolling around the house. quickly. you can see the annoyance on her face in the photo as i kept putting her back to sitting. she would much rather roll and get stuck under something.


i need to find a play pen. a real old fashioned jail for babies.

so many people have asked…the new presets really are coming. i have just some fine tuning to do and then out they go. these photos are done with the expired film preset.




9 responses

17 04 2009
Jack Fussell

Great photos, I really like the second one….great light!

17 04 2009

poor you, that must be horrible! are you still nursing them through the pain? i heard its the best most painful cure.
I’ve been looking for a wooden jail with the bars for my girl, she keeps backing up under the sofa and cant out.

17 04 2009

Oh, little Clover. Take it easy on your mama for a couple of days! Feel better soon, lady.

17 04 2009
The Bossy Yankee

I guess they no longer call them play pens they now call them Pack and Plays (nicer more PC name I guess?), can you get them in Australia? If not order online for sure. Baby jail is not such a bad thing. You contain them in cribs at night so they do not hurt themselves, I don’t see what the big deal is about during the day. I am sure people leave their kids in them all day, hence the stigma of the play pen, but again most moms would never do that. Including yourself so I don’t understand why people are so anti play pens anymore.

Just my two sense.

Hope you are feeling better.

17 04 2009
anne marie

this playpen is huge and extremely sturdy/well made. thought i would share. hope you guys feel better sson!

17 04 2009

The pack and play is my best friend.

17 04 2009
n o t | y o u r | a v e r a g e | g i r l

I have a Graco Tot Block Pack ‘n Play play pen for my daughter. 3×3 feet. I love it. Maybe it would be a good/entertaining jail for Clover? Just put some toys in it.

I hope you and Kieran get well soon!

18 04 2009

These are way too cute! I think Kieran looks so much like Gemma. And Clover, how adoreable is she! Love the face she’s making. (=

23 04 2009

Aww, feel better! Playpen time is always good. LOVE those pictures, your kids are just too cute!

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