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20 04 2009

usually do a lot of family portraits since the bulk of my business is commercial these days. and i certainly don’t usually do family portraits where there are just shy of 50 (yep, fifty) family members… the logistics of it all, light, location, time shooting and more time editing. but for some reason, i said yes this time and i am so very happy that i did. maybe it was the delightful young woman, yhudis, who did the booking on behalf of her grandparents. she assured me that although there were so many of them, there was not an un-fun one in the bunch. it could have been the fact that the grandparents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and wanted a portrait to honor what their family has grown into over those years. possibly since there were five adult children, it reminded me a little bit of my own family and just how special the family portrait we had made right before my father found out his cancer had come back for good. that portrait means the world to my family. whatever it was, i am delighted that i said yes before i scared myself out of it because i had a wonderful time. i decided that this shoot would be just like any of my others since the experiences we have are really only what we make them to be in our minds and hearts anyway.


yhudis was right, her family is terrific and i had a really fun time. i wish them 50 more years of the love and laughter i saw today.


and finally, i don’t really blog my client work anymore, but i just had to post a few of the shots i took in between taking the shots.




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20 04 2009

I know what you mean about the family pictures. We had a huge picture done for my grandparent’s 70th wedding anniversary. And oh were there a lot of people there. I have 35 first cousins, so it was pretty big.

20 04 2009
Miz Booshay

Sometimes the big challenges bring the biggest joys :o)

Not always…but it’s sure sweet when it happens!

23 04 2009

Those are some great pictures. They are lucky to have such an amazing photographer to document this wonderful milestone in their family history. It looks like it was a fun photo shoot. 🙂

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