i think i may sleep with it under my pillow

22 04 2009


that says dot AU, people. i can almost smell the bulk items.

just a few more months and i will have a teeny tiny yet multi pack slice of home right here in melbourne. 2 things that i would really like the costco fairy to bring with her…tide pens and dryer sheets (i do not hang my sheets, i am sorry, the spiders do not need any help getting into my home).




8 responses

22 04 2009

I hear you on the spiders. Besides clothes just aren’t as soft being air dried. 🙂

22 04 2009

Now all you need are Targets with Starbucks and your life will be complete!

22 04 2009

Live does not get any better does it? 😉 Enjoy your bulk items.

22 04 2009
Mrs. Fun

oh how exciting!!! I hope that the costco fairy delivers the goods.

23 04 2009

Nice! How exciting is that?

27 04 2009

Ooh, the Coloradoans did not understand why hubby and I drove an hour each way to Costco once a month when we first moved here, but all the CA transplants did 🙂 We were so thrilled when the Costco opened just down the road last year, we even went to a pre-opening party and went on opening day! Somehow Sam’s is just not the same.

1 05 2009

What? When did this happen? OMG… I hope they open a store in Sydney 🙂

2 05 2009

I can’t wait for them to open as well. Yay Costco!

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