the post where i lose some melbourne fans

26 04 2009

but i went to my first footy game and loved it…apparently here is the part where i lose the fans…i was cheering for collingwood.


the twins’ aussie godmother came down to take gemma and me to the MCG to see her team play in the famous anzac day match with essendon. she even brought a mascot magpie and team swag for gemma.


the crowd was huge. 85,000 or more people decked out in black and white and black and red. the excitement was literally visible.


we watched the guys come out in their tiny shorts and run around the field. that was great fun.


we settled into our seats. we got our chips and drinks.



i read all the names of the players to gemma while she read the numbers on their jerseys.


we learned all the rules and soon were screaming like locals. “BALL!”




then i went and got drinks. it all went pear shaped while i was getting generic celebratory house wine.


i had to comfort gemma as she was now quite attached to the idea of the ones wearing black and white winning.


the biggest and darkest gray cloud spread over the grounds and it started to pour. and out of nowhere, just like the cloud, the other team scored and scored again and i think they may have even scored one more time. not that it matters much, because it was over.


i don’t get the fanatical devotion to one team that everyone here has. (you have to pick a team…i think it may be a law) i don’t get the obsession people here have with what team OTHER people like. (you can’t possibly like THAT team.) i have not been here long enough to know any better or honestly even care. i just had a great time. it was an exciting game but sadly for my friend, “our” team did not win.

i can’t wait to go back. and yell at me if you must…scoff or what have you, but Go Pies!




8 responses

26 04 2009
Lawrence Wong

Them Aussies REALLY love their footy.

Much like how the Europeans are with their football.

26 04 2009

that was fun, thanks for taking me with you! love all the pics.

27 04 2009
jodi bingley

I am hanging my head at the shame of it all… as a red-blooded aussie girl who LOVES her footy, I have to say I am very disappointed… collingwood? really, seriously? It’s not too late, you know… you can come back from the dark side… the Swans are still taking members! *wink, wink*

27 04 2009

Thank you for this post, a bit of a Melbourne footy fix for a true Melbourne footy girl looks like a fun introduction to winter fun in Melb town

Don’t worry I still love you & G even though your magpie supporters now. I’m sure we’ll have loads of fun times with all the kids @ the MCG in the future.Gx

28 04 2009
Michelle O

I’ve been meaning to comment for a couple of days! While I’m really pleased you got to the game AND were barracking for the right team (you haven’t lost me yet), I now know why the Pies lost … it was you going for the celebratory wine TOO EARLY!!! one of the things you may learn if you keep following footy is that we are very superstitious, and definitely can’t celebrate until the final siren has sounded. My mum still won’t relax even if we are 10 goals up with 5 minutes to play – it’s conditioned by a lifetime of disappointments by her footy team!

Glad you and Gemma had a good day, and we’ll have to go together soon

28 04 2009

Not all Aussies are football mad….I couldn’t think of anything more tedious than going to a game of footy (or any other sport). Just give them each their own ball I say and be over & done with it all! lol! I mustn’t be a true blue Aussie I guess ;-p

29 04 2009

Looks like an awesome game! Love the pictures. Sounds like you had a great time! 🙂

2 05 2009

Yay, a fellow Collingwood supporter! Stay true to the black and white 🙂

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