1 05 2009

blonde, brunette, blue eyes and brown. girl. boy. they are as different as any two siblings could be, but they are growing up together. sharing the same day of birth. apparently that one little fact makes it so that people assume they should be the same person. strangers stop me to compare my babies. telling me what they should be doing and how. what those folks can’t see, don’t see, won’t see… is that they are perfect. perfectly clover and perfectly kieran. they are just as they should be.


yesterday we found out that kieran has an issue with his muscles. it is called hypotonia of infancy and at this point, that is all we know. but it is an answer to the questions i get asked all the time…”is he crawling?” no he is not.
and he can’t right now. and maybe he will never crawl.
“how about standing like clover?” he is not standing yet either, but that will come. it will be a lot later than his sister, but my baby boy is doing things in his own time, just like my baby girl.
the same, but different.
he will catch up and run one day, but for now, he sits and claps and laughs and charms the pants off anyone who meets him.

the son

so for the moment, i only have one baby torturing the cat and scaling the furniture.





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1 05 2009
christine Snell

i love your outlook.kiddos are perfect just as they are, making up their own time line and time frame for things. i had twin boy/girl siblings and they too went through the same questioning. people even compare my first to my second, born almost 3 years apart.

1 05 2009
christine Gill

oh, people and their stupid rules on when stuff must happen and what you should do to get it there.

Best thing I did with Callum, after a year of fretting, was to take that stupid “What to expect in the first year” book and throw it in the bin and go “I don’t care if he hasn’t met those milestones, I don’t care if he didn’t sit up unassisted till he was nine months old…. in 5 years, who will know the difference?”

Your papies are perfect. But, please, put a little bow in that pieace of sticky up hair on clover’s head that she is displaying in the first pic, I will die happy if you do that.

1 05 2009

i am just warning you…i have a bow. and now, i have a reason to use it.

1 05 2009
christine Gill

i have no idea what papies are, but I meant babies.

1 05 2009
christine Gill

and Yaay!!

1 05 2009
Miz Booshay

You are a wise and loving mommy! You remind me of my own.
When my sisters were born my mother instructed us all…
“Never compare and never pick favorites!” As children, people would ask, “Which is your favorite?”. We knew what to say.
(Janice had beautiful Greek coloring and Janet had beautiful Scandinavian coloring)

Kieran is going to do great! Look how well he sits!

1 05 2009

This post made me tear up – You are a wonderful Mommy and both Kieran & Clover are blessed to have you (and miss G too of course).

1 05 2009

I can get how frustrating the questions are. My first crawled at 11 months and walked at 19. So many questions about late walking. My second is following that path too. Hugs to you all.

1 05 2009

I completely agree with the others…you are such a wonderful mom whose children are incredibly blessed to have you. Thinking about you all today…can’t get your gorgeous little-uns out of my head. πŸ™‚

1 05 2009

“i only have one baby torturing the cat and scaling the furniture”

and i’m sure the cat is grateful. πŸ˜‰
babies do as they do when they do it. your attitude is spot on.
all the best to you and your perfectly beautiful family.

1 05 2009

I learned to stop listening to everyone but my unique child in the very early months with my first one. Oh, how she’d cry and carry on. When I’d talk about it, “they” would say, “Babies cry, Sheryl.” No, not like this one. “Let her cry it out, she’ll learn.” No, no she would not — she would get so worked up that she’d nearly vomit. I finally did what felt right to me, and then — only then — did I truly become that child’s mother, and not simply her caregiver. (And you know — she’s 10 now, and she STILL cries easily, and STILL needs more affection than most. It’s just who she is.) If it’s helpful to you, I will share my two parenting mantras (that I still chant fairly regularly): “Trust your instincts,” and “This, too, shall pass.” You’re doing a fabulous job.

1 05 2009
Lisa {4 Sweets}

……you hit the nail on the head when you said “so for the moment, i only have one baby torturing the cat and scaling the furniture”…..I believe everything happens for a reason, it’s hard enough to run after one let alone 2! He’s just being kind to his mumma! They ARE definitely PERFECT.

1 05 2009

i knew you’d say it just right. love you guys xoxo

1 05 2009

Love to Kieran and to Clover. That ARE both absolutely perfect. (and so heart wrenchingly adorable too!)

1 05 2009

You know, this whole tit for tat comparison is absurd!! Everyday, I get asked about my 20mo daughter and if she does this and does that. I shut them up fairly quickly when I respond “work is going really well and I’m so glad to be a working mother”. YOU.. my dear are doing fab and I love your sense of humour πŸ™‚ Great piks and TFS πŸ™‚

1 05 2009

Good for you. They are both gorgeous and obviously very loved. I know everything will work out πŸ™‚

1 05 2009

My son had hypotonia as an infant, too. Believe me, once those muscles are strengthened he won’t stop moving! What matters is that he is happy and perfectly content as he is, and so are you πŸ™‚

1 05 2009

You are a fantastic mother… and your children are perfectly themselves and blessed to have a mother who believes in them!

1 05 2009

Beautiful photos. Beautiful children. Beautiful Mom πŸ™‚

1 05 2009
Kym Aka Momma 2 Angels

I love your Blog, your photos and your babies! The photo of you Kissing Little Kieren cheek just brought tears to my eyes, I loved that. And everyone in here has advice and good words and listen to them because they’re all right. Those babies are both perfectly beautiful and have such a great love for each other that its evident across tons of miles and oceans through one little photo I can see it. I think you’re doing a great job too as they have all said, but mostly because I recently had both my girls (one almost 3 “Potty training” and the other one 9 1/2 months just 3 weeks younger than yours) I had then for 4 days straight with no one else to help or do anything and I nearly tore my hair out! So please know that you are doing a wonderful job as a Mom as a Photographer and as a concerned parent. Truth is God gives us what he gives us and we all deal with it, some better than others, but we deal and you accept and truck along down that road that you’re given the best way you can.
We love you, all of us that thrive on your daily shots of these two and when its more than a day I just sigh* heazvily and hope you’re day wasnt too hard. I so look forward to seeing them I check everyday. Be happy, you are blessed as are they!
Much love and hugs
Kym, aka Momma2angels

2 05 2009
Kelly Brown

It’s amazing how tolerant you become of peoples comments; inside you would love to respond with the obvious but you don’t, you smile and answer politely! Like you one of my twins is not doing something the other is doing but every child is different and that’s what makes us all unique!

Your babies are gorgeous and are so lucky to be a part of a beautiful family! You can see what I like to call my spots & stripes here:
My Spots & Stripes!

2 05 2009

My two also are vastly different, and at almost 19 months not walking and my son, like your little boy, is at a very different pace than his sister.

I have the same outlook as you do – they will do what need to be done when they’re ready.

The rest is just noise from people who don’t see the inside of our lives.

2 05 2009

Why the hell am I reading about Kieran in your blog? Now that my rant is over-

As with us all, he will mature when he is ready, not when the world is ready. The important element is that you caught it early, and therapy can begin.

God bless,

2 05 2009
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2 05 2009

I don’t see why people would straight away try to compare them, seems like a very weird thing to do!

They are obviously totally different, but they have one thing in common, they are both massively CUTE!

3 05 2009

Hi. I am a relatively new reader to your blog. I am fascinated by your photography. It is truly inspiring. But I felt the need to comment today. I have a baby with muscle tone issues as well. She just turned 1 and she does not crawl. In fact, attempting to get her to crawl is a lot of work. She is a long, long way from walking. I try to not even think about it. Her older sister was always ahead of the curve developmentally. But the fact of the matter is, I LOVE having more time with her in the baby stage. They crawl and walk so quickly and then they get to do that for the rest of their lives. The time when they are fully reliant upon us as their mothers is so short. I value that time so very much so I look at this as a little blessing to treat my baby like a baby for as long as possible. Because I know that when she takes off, she is gone. She will be a very busy one some day. I love your view on all of this. You stated it just perfectly. I just smile and kiss all over my baby when people ask me if she is walking. I tell them that neither of us are ready for that just yet. Your family is just beautiful.

3 05 2009

One more quick thing. My Annie pulled up for the first time ever today on her own, and her accomplishments seem so big! I am just always so extremely proud of her when she does something new because I know that it took so much concentration and effort on her part.

3 05 2009

Oh Rachel they are both just so amazing. They both are so similar and so different and I just love them to pieces. Their smiles just melt my heart.

3 05 2009

i ditto “throw all that stuff away”. you ahave 2 amazing beautiful (well 3 of course) babies. Kieran is choosing his own way. Just as many people; everyday heroes, infamous/famous historical figures, noble peace prize winners, painters, musicians, moms, dads, and humans in general. this is what makes humans so spectacular. the thought process and the individuality.

I love that you appreciate that in your children.

13 06 2009

hahah, the way i think of it,
Kieran = Alec
Clober = Rachel
Gemma= Both

Such an interesting family.
I looove your photography.
I’m only 12 years old, but You are my hero, I want to become an photagrapher when I grow up(:

And one day, when I get married, I’m going to contact you, buy you plane ticketsfor your whole family, I do anything, and ask, no, beg you to take photos at my wedding.

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