update in may

6 05 2009

it has been a great week, kieran got his top 2 front teeth, clover has decided that sleeping is the best thing ever and gemma, proud of her new spelling skills, stops to read every sign on our walks. there are swimming lessons for gemma now. we are preparing for our winter/summer in the U.S. and i have my iPod touch counting down the days until we leave (there’s an app for that!). i can’t believe i will be packing for a “trip” to the states…it still seems so backwards. it is hard to explain the moments when i have them, but i feel like i am not really living anywhere. just tonight i saw the weather map on the news and did a double take…that is not america on the screen…i live in australia. all of a sudden the familiar felt foreign, like when you say a word and it sounds wrong so you have to say it over and over…all the while still sounding different than it usually does.

things are going well though. i booked a cool commercial gig, had a few shoots and best of all, got myself a photography rep (a little ironic since she is in los angeles, but hey, photography is a worldwide industry.) between all that and the editing that goes with it, i have had no time for posting. juicy details soon though, i promise.

my absence is all good. i swear.





4 responses

6 05 2009
Lawrence Wong

Congrats on the commercial gig!!! Awesome!

I still live on fahrenheit and foot & inches. Two years and I still feel weird thinking in celsius and meter.

Have a great trip back to the US during the summer!

6 05 2009

well, i certainly love to read that the absence is good. i was wondering where you were coming up with how many days till your trip. ; ) congratulations on all of your deserved success.

6 05 2009

Sounds exciting! Happy travels!

6 05 2009

I can relate to your feelings about how it’s strange to be packing up to go on vacation in the US. I’ve been living in France for over 6 years now and still feel that way every year we go home.

Looking forward to hearing all the details about your new gigs. How exciting for you!

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