tiny is a little prick

18 05 2009

pardon my language, but he really is.


all of a sudden, all over our neighborhood, tiny has tagged his stupid name. i mean, it really is a horrible tag.


back home we had tags with some oomph to them. VDIMX3 for one, were frequent decorators of our garage door. ok, so that does not really sound bad, but after the police told me what the letters stood for i knew they meant business. i could bet on that. but tiny? tiny has nothing. i mean, he even uses a purpley-blue spray paint.


wait, maybe tiny is a girl.

girl or boy, tiny is getting on my nerves. everywhere i walked with the twins today, tiny was there like a little bored and over privileged teenage pebble in my shoe. we moved to get away from the graffiti covered playground. at least i understood it in los angeles. gang culture is some serious and scary stuff. i am going to take a wild bet that if tiny lives in the neighborhood, tiny can’t even begin to imagine the issues that those los angeles taggers were dealing with. let alone share any.*


so these kids keep smashing the bus shelter. and you know what, today i looked and guess who had their name all over it…


so this is my open letter to tiny

(she he must have had a ladder for that one)

cut it out

*i know that it does not matter what kind of neighborhood one lives in, crap happens everywhere, but really, tiny is not a member of the Play Boy Gangster Crips who were also fond of our garage door in los angeles.




10 responses

18 05 2009
Mrs. Fun

seriously..Tiny must be one bored individual. that’s too bad this person felt the need to write tiny all over.

19 05 2009

his tag does suck.

19 05 2009
Miz Booshay

That is an odd choice of a threatening word.

When our twins were little (my sisters :o)
Janet was smaller than Janice.
Our southern maid called her Tiny. But it sounded like Tine-a.
I always think back to that when I hear the word tiny.

Don’t you love my homey memories of our twins…
Hope you don’t mind Rachel.
It’s what older people do….we reminisce…

he he

22 05 2009

Good grief. Can’t people just get an easel and canvas? Seriously.

24 05 2009
christine Gill

what an appropriate first pic for your title : )

26 05 2009

YES! someone caught the visual pun!

27 05 2009

Ugh. Grafitti drives me insane.

9 06 2009

My bro was heavily into Graffiti (actually I think he is still moving and grooving in that area but is being slightly more discreet about it) and got caught several times by the police. He had a real attitude about him. Always the King of the Hill, like he owned the property he decorated. I could hack the argument about street art if what he was doing was actually art (which I know is a subjective!) but it was stupid little tags like “Tiny’s”.

Hardly Banksy.

It’s his culture trip and alongside everything else, I hate the excuse that its just today’s form of teenage angst. Vandalism. Pure and Simple.

12 06 2009

Just go back and write the word PENIS in magic marker underneath all of them…….you’ll soon find out who it was

14 07 2009

I moved to Perth from the UK last year and I’ve never seen so much graffiti in my life – not artful stuff, just stupid tagging like “tiny” and scratches on the windows of all the buses and trains. I mean, who does that? Recently, not too far from where I live, an ambulance was tagged in the driveway of a house whilst the paramedics were attending a sick child and today, some genius has tagged the kerbstone across the road. meh! I’d like to chop them up and feed them to the sharks in the bay.

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