the post where i give the universe a piece of my mind

7 06 2009

our baby girl is sick. and the doctors don’t really know what is wrong. the doctors are the people i am counting on to know what is wrong so that they can fix what is wrong and we can have our clover back.


we are thankful for all your prayers and good thoughts. we need them. clover needs them.

she is still in the hospital and we do not know how long she will remain there, but hopefully she will be home soon. we miss our fiesty little chicken.

i can’t update the blog from the hospital and i can’t call the states from the hospital either, so i am using twitter and facebook to keep everyone in the loop. at least i can do those from my blackberry. since alec took the nightshift for me last night, i was able to come home and shower and pop on the computer for a moment.

back to the hospital now to hug my baby girl. universe, i don’t want to piss you off, but please. PLEASE. CUT. THIS. CRAP. OUT.

obviously, i will try to get back to clients and people who purchase my actions and presets as soon as it is possible, but my baby girl and getting her healthy is my main focus at the moment. thank you for your care and understanding in light of this difficult situation.




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7 06 2009

poor clover jane!! my thoughts and prayers remain with you and the baby princess. god, bring back our feisty lil chicken.

7 06 2009
Vickey Weiss

{{{{hugs}}}} I hope everything is better very soon!

7 06 2009

I’m so sorry to hear about Clover, Rachel. You need a diagnosis and you need it now! Hopefully the Universe listened to your venting…your all in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us updated and here’s to hoping the little feisty chicken is back on track soon – all fingers, toes and Internal Organs crossed for you.

7 06 2009

i hope and i will pray that she will be feeling much better soon!

7 06 2009
Hassan Hodges

Thinking of you feisty little chicken. Everything will be better soon.

7 06 2009

Sending little Clover positive thoughts from Seattle. I hope she feels better soon!

7 06 2009
christine Gill

c’mon clover girlie, jeff and i are praying hard for you. c’mon my love. and seriously, c’mon doctors!!!!

and rachel, strength to you. this’ll be ok xxx

7 06 2009

Oh Rachel, I am sending great big prayers up and out your way that those doctors find out what’s making poor Clover so ill. My heart aches for what you all are going through. Let me know if I can help you out with anything… getting orders out, anything.

7 06 2009
Mrs. Fun

poor sweet clover, this photo breaks my heart.
i am sending all my good thoughts your way.
i keep hoping to see an update titled “we’re home”
lots of love to clover and the rest of you.

7 06 2009

Keeping sweet Clover in my prayers and sending you many hugs.

7 06 2009

love to clover and family.
we’re sending our prayers.

feisty chicken, get well soon!

7 06 2009

Sending you buckets and buckets of strength. All of you.

8 06 2009

sending love and healing thoughts to you and your little clover. take care.

8 06 2009

Oh Clover! We will say a special intention for you!

8 06 2009

clovey get well lil princess we miss your beautiful smiles

8 06 2009
Danielle Hamilton

Oh poor bub…hope she feels better soon…

8 06 2009
Tiffany Jashinsky

i am so sorry that she, you, and the whole family have to go through this. i am sending much love and get well wishes your way.

8 06 2009
Amber Ferrell

Oh, I hope that she turns a corner soon and you all can get back home. I just want to pick her up and snuggle her…poor little thing.

8 06 2009
Miz Booshay

Oh my. Get well sweet little Clover!

8 06 2009

This made my heart quicken with worry. Clover will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. It makes me bristling mad that the universe would dare to even *think* about messing with the feisty chicken! God bless Clover, get well soon!

8 06 2009

Get well soon sweet Clover.. my heart breaks seeing you like this. Many hugs Rachel. UNIVERSE… LISTEN UP!!! Get Clover better RIGHT AWAY!

8 06 2009

Get well soon beautiful Clover – we are thinking of you and sending big hugs your way. xo

8 06 2009

Positive healing thoughts and prayers for Clover. I hope she can come home really really soon. {{{hugs}}}

8 06 2009

thinking downward thoughts for bottle contents. upward thoughts for strength and fiest.

8 06 2009

oh, i’m SO SORRY to read that clover is still sick! my best, best, best wishes for your beautiful little girl to get back to her feisty, happy self as soon as possible.

8 06 2009

Oh poor Clover! I’m sending get well wishes your way, I hope she is better very soon.

8 06 2009

Many good thoughts coming Clover’s way from the other side of the world.

8 06 2009

Get well soon little lady!

8 06 2009

Dear Clovey,
Get well soon little girl,

Lots of love, Celine

8 06 2009

(((((Clover))))) Sending healing thoughts to your Clover.

8 06 2009
Maddie's Mom

If you need someone to give the universe a swift kick in the ass, I’m volunteering my boot and my time. Maddie gives *hugs* to “baby Cwover”, and I send prayers to all of you. May she bounce back quickly. xoxo

8 06 2009

My heart leapt into my throat when I saw the photo… oh no. I hope and pray Clover is better soon.


8 06 2009

I hope that every thing will be ok,and this precious little lady will be home soon!
I pray for her and for you,too.Because it’s so hard to see someone that you care for in simply brakes my heart 😦
But please,don’t lose hope and faith 🙂

8 06 2009

Rachel, my heart aches. Whichever higher power listens to me tonight is going to cop an earful and my begs for little Miss Clover to get better! Best wishes 🙂

8 06 2009

Keeping Clover and the rest of the family, in my prayers! Hoping she gets better soon.

8 06 2009
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9 06 2009

Rachel, I saw your plea on twitter. I see the small clover rabbit here:

and through the same store, via Amazon:

Good luck with the search, and may Clover bounce back soon!

9 06 2009

Poor baby. I will keep her and all of you in my prayers. I hope she gets better soon!

9 06 2009

Oh poor Clover! I’m sending all my very best good thoughts and catching up on Twitter right now.

9 06 2009

poor little Clover, my thought and prayers go out to you and your family. Hope she gets well soon.


10 06 2009
10 06 2009
10 06 2009

My little boy had a rare plush that went with him to the hospital and sounds like it suffered much the same fate as Miss Clover’s bunny. I hope you are able to find a replacement!

10 06 2009

oh Rachel, I am crying while reading this. Hopefully they’ll find out what she has and hopefully they can fix her up soon!!!! So so hard. Hugs and I am sending positive vibes your way from Amsterdam. XXX

10 06 2009
Gih/photography student

I’m praying for Clover.

13 06 2009

I hurt for you all. Prayers being said as I type.

13 06 2009

hope you get some answers soon. and hope you get your little girl back soon too.

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