happy accidents

18 06 2009

when we had the IVF for the twins, the doctor could not get the “uh-hem” tube in and the embryologist was standing there with our embryos tapping her foot. things were taking a bit too long and the doctor was shoving, the embryologist was getting ancy and the embryos were getting chilly…she announced that she had to return them to the warming test tube until things were sorted on my end (so to speak.)

after another few minutes while i was laying there (or is it lying there? see tyke, i can’t really write) bonding with the photo they gave me of our embryos, apparently one of the other morulas not brought out earlier progressed to blastocyst (that is a good thing) and when the embryologist was called back in to deliver those babies (so to speak) she brought a different selection.

wait, i had already bonded with the photo. i wanted THOSE embryos.

but what a happy accident it was, because it may just have been this little guy. and wow, i can’t imagine life without knowing that smile.


what a difference even a few minutes can make in life.




7 responses

18 06 2009
Miz Booshay

Every day. I look at your beautiful, happy children and say…

she must be the most wonderful mom.

And one fab photographer ;o)

18 06 2009

I love how you put your everyday life into words. Makes me stop and think about my own blessings. And I absolutely love this picture. He’s gorgeous.

18 06 2009

He is so absolutely precious. All of your children are. Minutes definitely do make a difference. 🙂

18 06 2009

why did it take you so long to start a blog?
loving it and your gorgeous family.

20 06 2009
heleen / toddlertoes

It might be the lack of hours of sleep but your post makes me all teary – heck no ofcourse you couldnt live without that smile anymore!!! Gorgeous light gorgeous kid… I am sorry that your photos are all around the internet (as I discovered your photos to be on twitter as well *sigh*) but woman am I glad you are sharing your life the way you do because, to my own suprise, I sure love to read about all the wonderful things you experience and the way you perceive them and write/photog about it. Thank you for being the overseas virtual inspiration 😉 x

27 06 2009
christine Gill

I love how babies have like NO legs. Just chubby bodies with feet stuck on.

29 06 2009
Lauren Hammond

I love this blog so much. It makes me feel grateful because it makes me reflect on my life too 🙂 and you’re right. It’s the accidents in life that feel like fate. And I love this picture. I love that those few minutes brought you this little guy.

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