can you hear the dissonant strains of the circus music

3 07 2009

i swear we are being followed by a little organ grinding monkey piping out the big top theme song while the smallest members of this traveling troupe of accidental clowns turn one today!



happy birthday babies who were born in winter half a world away from the summery south where they are celebrating today. it just keeps getting better and better. we are so blessed to have you join us for the ride.

ps. chicken, sorry about the double ear infections. let’s make a deal. no more emergency room visits in any country for the next 12 months, ok?




11 responses

3 07 2009
Rachel (Piper_H)

Happy birthday you two lovelies!
And ah man, poor Clover just can’t catch a break…. that’s so sad. Hopefully this next year will be easier on her.

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. WOW.

3 07 2009

Happy Birthday to the CJ & KC, we hope you’re having an excellent 1st birthday with all your family and friends.
Love G,P & A xx
P.S get well soon miss Clover poor baby

3 07 2009

Happy Birthday babies! I’ve been following your lives on Flickr and it seems like you were born yesterday!

3 07 2009

Happy birthday Clover and Kieran! Hard to believe it’s been a year already. Can’t wait to see the fun you have in store for your mama 😀

3 07 2009

Happy Birthday twinnies!

It’s been beautiful following your first year, I look forward to year two!

3 07 2009

Happy Birthday Clover and Kieran! I can hardly believe you’re one already!!

3 07 2009

Happy Birthday Clover and Kieran! 🙂

4 07 2009

oh those photos are awesome. happy one to you!

4 07 2009

Get this, Sis. We were leaving Mom’s last night- happy birthday, Kids -and a real, live bunny was in the parking lot! Can you believe it?

Love to all,

5 07 2009

Your pictures are incredible! I adore them!

12 07 2009
Tara Marie

Happy, Happy Birthday Precious Ones…….

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