28 07 2009


we have landed back in the land of no dr. pepper.

it is back to work for me and back to school for gemma. the twins are enjoying being reunited with all their toys, it is like christmas for them!

lots of fun things coming up for my business. redesigning the blog and updating the website in the next few weeks. more kid fashion shoots and private commissions on the schedule.
i am thinking about a work trip back to the states in the fall…will keep plans updated here on the blog. for now, i am going to recover from the 11,000+ mile flight and go get reacquainted with my warm and cozy bed.

i will be processing more photos from the trip during breaks from my client pictures.




4 responses

28 07 2009

Welcome back, Rachel 🙂
No Dr. Peper?! Wow! Poor you.
But I can’t wait to see more pictures of the trip! 🙂
Did you have a good time? 😀

28 07 2009
Miz Booshay

Welcome home!
You should be very proud of yourself for making such a huge trip with three little ones!
Ya done good!

28 07 2009

It was so wonderful to see you all. I miss you so very much. I love, love, love you. Kisses and hugs to everyone-


30 07 2009

ah – i love travel but that first night back in my own bed!!! (bliss!)

hope we get to meet up soon. – I am down in October again if your around.

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