under construction

30 07 2009

we are busy building the new blog. please check back in the coming days to see what we have done and get ready to add a new book mark!

pardon our dust

the blog has been growing daily and i am excited to use the space to share my photos and musings, but i was not happy with the lack of design ability with this free wordpress format, so we are moving and it is going to be so nice! there will be new features on things i love and i will be sharing a bit of my tips and techniques for photography. i’ll be taking some questions and even having some contests. so much is planned. hope you will join us for the ride!




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30 07 2009

i am excited for those contest =d

30 07 2009
Lisa Bentley

cant wait to see what you have in store! i will definitely bookmark it! 🙂

30 07 2009

Oooooo this is exciting! I can’t wait!

30 07 2009
sheila lachney

oh, I can’t wait. I always look forward to seeing what’s new on your blog and on flickr.

31 07 2009

Yea! Can’t wait for the photography tips and techniques!

31 07 2009

Hey, congrats.I’m Here to tell you that I Found your Flickr and I saw all of your pictures, omg… you’re so good, and the shot when you were pregned was sooooo cuuuuute ! I’m just falling in love with your shot’s !go on, i’ll appreciate. hehe.

31 07 2009



31 07 2009
Linda from Norway

I will definitely keep following you Rachel. 🙂 Imagine that I’ve been learning to know you and your family through flickr (as well as facebook and your blog) for over four years now!!! The first photo I can remember seeing of you, was when you sat in the backseat of a car with a 4-5ish month old Gemma… You had glasses on if I’m not mistaken. I have no idea how I ended up in your flickr account. I probably googled something and VIOLA – you guys walked right into my hart and cyberlife. 😉

Good luck on your new blog! Can’t wait to see it.

31 07 2009
Sabrina from Switzerland

Dear Rachel

Sorry for my bad, BAD english, I’m from switzerland and only speak a little english from school. But i WILL send you a massage now!! Well, my course is the same like Lindas! I also follow you for two years now and i love you guys! You are so adorable and great! And now you will share a bit of your tips and techniques for photography??? My God, i’m soo lucky to learn from you! You are my big Idol!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful world with us!

All the best, Sabrina

31 07 2009
Ann Hanlon

Photography tips and techniques?! I’ve died and gone to heaven. 🙂

Can’t wait!


31 07 2009
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1 08 2009
melissa deakin

sounds wonderful.
i adore your work so much.

3 08 2009
anne marie

yay.. can’t WAIT!

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