psst, we have moved! new blog address for rachel devine photography!

7 08 2009

the new blog is finally live. i have imported all of these old posts and even already uploaded new stuff. i am excited to share my images in a much bigger format and i think the whole blog experience is better with the clean and simple design. the features will continue to grow with a tips section, reviews of my favorite things and of course more photographs.

if you have enjoyed this blog, i know you will love the new one, so please click on over and don’t forget to change the bookmark on your browser and the subscription link in your reader! i will not be updating this blog in the future. the new one is much better.

also, if you have linked here on your blogroll, please take a moment to change that url as well.

here we go!!!!!


peta makes magic

20 07 2009

yes she does. i have seen her do it.

forever friends

4 07 2009

we were able to have one giant week long sleepover in los angeles with our dear friends. it was perfect to be able to come “home” everyday to them.




it does not seem to matter how much time has passed since we have all been together…


it is as if we had seen each other just the day before.



i already miss them like crazy.



the elephant in the yard

29 06 2009

i feel like i have broken up with los angeles and we are now just trying to be friends. there is an awkward familiarity to my days here, but i don’t want to get to comfortable because i know it will never work out between us. california, it is not you, it is me. i have changed.

this trip is harder than i thought it would be and in such different ways. i am physically spent. the twins are so tired that they get up from their sporadic naps yawning and gemma is running on borrowed energy fueled by treats and excitement. i am pretty sure that ardor is going to run out on the plane to virginia. there is not enough time in the california leg of our trip to see everything and everyone we want to see and that is breaking my heart because i know that i can’t make this trek again with the twins and gemma anytime soon. i know i will be back for my photography, but i will have to make those trips solo. we were so spoiled by gemma. she was born to travel and while alec and i were patting ourselves on the back for being such amazing parents to raise such an adaptable kid, the universe was having a chuckle and drawing up the blueprints for clover and kieran. the twins are not born globetrotters and we, as it turns out, had nothing to do with gemma’s innate gypsy tendencies.


the elephant in the yard is this…los angeles no longer feels like home, but melbourne is not completely home yet either. it is a big world to have no center. i miss my bed in australia, but i miss my best friends in america. my kids are aussies, but my mom is in virginia. where does that leave me? it leaves me only one place…this couch in this house in this neighborhood in this city in this moment. it does not mean that i can’t look forward to the wonderful things we will be doing next or be sad that the days of this trip have passed so quickly already, but really it bolsters my enjoy the moment viewpoint.

so who is meeting us half way next time? fiji anyone?

visiting home

25 06 2009

the adventure has begun and i the one good thing i can say about the flight is that my twins were not the worst babies on the plane, no that title goes to the 18 month old girl 2 rows in front of us. while i understand that there is only so much one person can do to soothe a screaming child, i can tell you the one thing a parent (and for sure not both parents) is absolutely NOT allowed to do while their child screams on a flight…they are not allowed to watch a movie while wearing their own Bose noise canceling headphones. i have sympathy, empathy even, but ah HELL NO. unless you brought a pair for everyone on the plane, you take those suckers off, put them on your kid and you stare in exasperated silence at dora or thomas the tank engine with a baby on your lap (even though you bought that baby his [& her!] own seat) for 15 hours like the rest of us.


a few images from the start:




i got a new laptop here in los angeles and while i have calibrated it, i have not yet loaded photoshop. i am working with lightroom and trying to figure out how to edit on this fancy RGB-LED screen. if only the whole world could see how things looked on my computer…it is amazing. even the crappiest photos look like art. that is my disclaimer for any terrible photos that i may post. please excuse me as i get used to this new set up.

tiny is a little prick

18 05 2009

pardon my language, but he really is.


all of a sudden, all over our neighborhood, tiny has tagged his stupid name. i mean, it really is a horrible tag.


back home we had tags with some oomph to them. VDIMX3 for one, were frequent decorators of our garage door. ok, so that does not really sound bad, but after the police told me what the letters stood for i knew they meant business. i could bet on that. but tiny? tiny has nothing. i mean, he even uses a purpley-blue spray paint.


wait, maybe tiny is a girl.

girl or boy, tiny is getting on my nerves. everywhere i walked with the twins today, tiny was there like a little bored and over privileged teenage pebble in my shoe. we moved to get away from the graffiti covered playground. at least i understood it in los angeles. gang culture is some serious and scary stuff. i am going to take a wild bet that if tiny lives in the neighborhood, tiny can’t even begin to imagine the issues that those los angeles taggers were dealing with. let alone share any.*


so these kids keep smashing the bus shelter. and you know what, today i looked and guess who had their name all over it…


so this is my open letter to tiny

(she he must have had a ladder for that one)

cut it out

*i know that it does not matter what kind of neighborhood one lives in, crap happens everywhere, but really, tiny is not a member of the Play Boy Gangster Crips who were also fond of our garage door in los angeles.


9 10 2008

that is my answer to why i will not go friends and family on flickr.

after the latest discovery of my photos being used with out my permission, people have asked why i keep my images public.  i keep them public because i want to.  because i can.  because if i go friends and family, “they” win.  “jolene” does not get to win just because she is creepy.

the creepies don’t scare me.  i just think they are creepy.  the gangs that tagged our garage door in LA scared me.

so if we all hide our lives, what the hell am i going to look at while i am procrastinating?

and for everyone who thinks i should go friends and family, here is a photo of a flower.  that is all you would be able to see in my stream.

boring, no?

oh and jolene, feel free to pretend that it is yours.