28 07 2009


we have landed back in the land of no dr. pepper.

it is back to work for me and back to school for gemma. the twins are enjoying being reunited with all their toys, it is like christmas for them!

lots of fun things coming up for my business. redesigning the blog and updating the website in the next few weeks. more kid fashion shoots and private commissions on the schedule.
i am thinking about a work trip back to the states in the fall…will keep plans updated here on the blog. for now, i am going to recover from the 11,000+ mile flight and go get reacquainted with my warm and cozy bed.

i will be processing more photos from the trip during breaks from my client pictures.


style – melbourne

14 06 2009

reason #137 that i love kid fashion.

Cradle Rock Campaign 2009

i want to get out of bed and throw this little number on.

back to work shooting and editing. there are a lot of photos to get done before we leave in a week. amazing gear from the softest organic cotton to the funkiest high fashion… all for children. i am so excited.

little horn shot for

kid fashion – melbourne

26 05 2009

i started shooting a campaign today that will take me with work right up until i get on the plane to head to the states in june. it is exciting to think that the next big thing for me is the long awaited trip “home” and that it is pretty much right around the corner. i am happy to have work to keep me busy or i swear that my suitcases would be packed and waiting by the front door already.

we had a lot of fun at my home studio this morning…i love being able to get back into working with all kinds of lights. there is a wonderful quality to window/natural light, but i always say i am an available light photographer…i use whatever light is available to me. today it was flash.

Cradle Rock Campaign 2009

i have had a lot of interest from people who want to learn how to make flash look like window light and how to work with strobes…maybe i will put together a one day little workshop when i am back in australia.

here is just a few from today…the rest will just have to wait for the release later in the year.

Cradle Rock Campaign 2009

Cradle Rock Campaign 2009

Cradle Rock Campaign 2009

update in may

6 05 2009

it has been a great week, kieran got his top 2 front teeth, clover has decided that sleeping is the best thing ever and gemma, proud of her new spelling skills, stops to read every sign on our walks. there are swimming lessons for gemma now. we are preparing for our winter/summer in the U.S. and i have my iPod touch counting down the days until we leave (there’s an app for that!). i can’t believe i will be packing for a “trip” to the states…it still seems so backwards. it is hard to explain the moments when i have them, but i feel like i am not really living anywhere. just tonight i saw the weather map on the news and did a double take…that is not america on the screen…i live in australia. all of a sudden the familiar felt foreign, like when you say a word and it sounds wrong so you have to say it over and over…all the while still sounding different than it usually does.

things are going well though. i booked a cool commercial gig, had a few shoots and best of all, got myself a photography rep (a little ironic since she is in los angeles, but hey, photography is a worldwide industry.) between all that and the editing that goes with it, i have had no time for posting. juicy details soon though, i promise.

my absence is all good. i swear.


i don’t…

20 04 2009

usually do a lot of family portraits since the bulk of my business is commercial these days. and i certainly don’t usually do family portraits where there are just shy of 50 (yep, fifty) family members… the logistics of it all, light, location, time shooting and more time editing. but for some reason, i said yes this time and i am so very happy that i did. maybe it was the delightful young woman, yhudis, who did the booking on behalf of her grandparents. she assured me that although there were so many of them, there was not an un-fun one in the bunch. it could have been the fact that the grandparents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and wanted a portrait to honor what their family has grown into over those years. possibly since there were five adult children, it reminded me a little bit of my own family and just how special the family portrait we had made right before my father found out his cancer had come back for good. that portrait means the world to my family. whatever it was, i am delighted that i said yes before i scared myself out of it because i had a wonderful time. i decided that this shoot would be just like any of my others since the experiences we have are really only what we make them to be in our minds and hearts anyway.


yhudis was right, her family is terrific and i had a really fun time. i wish them 50 more years of the love and laughter i saw today.


and finally, i don’t really blog my client work anymore, but i just had to post a few of the shots i took in between taking the shots.


6 04 2009

i am very excited that 2 images of mine were selected to be among the 150 winning photographs of the Fresh M.I.L.K.( Moments of Intimacy, Laughter, and Kinship) contest.

the book, Fresh M.I.L.K.: Friends, Families, Lovers & Laughter will be published in the fall of 2009.


made even more wonderful for the fact that all 3 of my children will be represented.

kid fashion

6 04 2009

i am excited to be working with some great commercial clients here in australia. there are so many amazing kid fashion lines coming out of this country and gemma is getting a chance to model again!


~letting the beautiful handmade costumes by wanabe inspire the creativity in playtime~