impromptu atlantic playdate

21 07 2009

funny how 5 and 1/2 weeks seems like the longest time and certainly ample time to see everyone and do everything we would like… it is not and we have been throwing together plans the morning we make them happen. we have not been able to make it work with all, but luckily stephanie was able to meet up with us on such short notice. her boys are gorgeous and spunky and stephanie is a delight.

with just enough quarters for 2 hours of parking, we had a blast on our quick trip to the beach.






luckily clover enjoyed the novelty of being in a different stroller enough that she never noticed that she missed out on playing in the sand.


kieran was a nice boy and sat right where we put him.


liam went wild in the surf. it was great to watch.






gemma just got covered in sand instead of water.


then began the spectacle of getting 5 kids and 2 strollers (one of which was never ever intended to go anywhere near sand) 3 cameras and assorted toys back up to the boardwalk…


all the while keeping the language clean.


and hoping the moms had enough change left over for ice cream!








what i did not get was the shot of the ice cream on the floor of the shop…i was too busy working on my own cone by then.

because the next time we are at a beach

14 06 2009

we will be in bathing suits.

a week from tomorrow, we are going to toss the lot of them in a taxi and make our way to the airport for the start of what i think may be the best 5 weeks we have had in a long, long, long time.

i left the states almost exactly 15 months ago and i can still taste the salty tears i cried as i put my hands on my belly willing the unborn twins to kick as the plane took off. i needed something. some sign that we were going to be alright. those moments are still so fresh and a bit of that fear is still unresolved, but i think the cure is coming. every day is its own reward and my life over the last 450 odd days has been amazing and wonderful… but with all the new, i crave some of the old. i need to go back and see my friends. i need to confirm what i feel in my heart that even over the miles and years, we are connected by something that can’t be destroyed by that distance and time.

that we truly are alright.

from our winter day on the beach:



and she ran

8 01 2009

kite running

it was beautiful to watch.

she usually is my porcupine, but here…here, she is my butterfly.

{commercial kid photography & private portrait commissions / melbourne, australia}