forever friends

4 07 2009

we were able to have one giant week long sleepover in los angeles with our dear friends. it was perfect to be able to come “home” everyday to them.




it does not seem to matter how much time has passed since we have all been together…


it is as if we had seen each other just the day before.



i already miss them like crazy.




can you hear the dissonant strains of the circus music

3 07 2009

i swear we are being followed by a little organ grinding monkey piping out the big top theme song while the smallest members of this traveling troupe of accidental clowns turn one today!



happy birthday babies who were born in winter half a world away from the summery south where they are celebrating today. it just keeps getting better and better. we are so blessed to have you join us for the ride.

ps. chicken, sorry about the double ear infections. let’s make a deal. no more emergency room visits in any country for the next 12 months, ok?

happy accidents

18 06 2009

when we had the IVF for the twins, the doctor could not get the “uh-hem” tube in and the embryologist was standing there with our embryos tapping her foot. things were taking a bit too long and the doctor was shoving, the embryologist was getting ancy and the embryos were getting chilly…she announced that she had to return them to the warming test tube until things were sorted on my end (so to speak.)

after another few minutes while i was laying there (or is it lying there? see tyke, i can’t really write) bonding with the photo they gave me of our embryos, apparently one of the other morulas not brought out earlier progressed to blastocyst (that is a good thing) and when the embryologist was called back in to deliver those babies (so to speak) she brought a different selection.

wait, i had already bonded with the photo. i wanted THOSE embryos.

but what a happy accident it was, because it may just have been this little guy. and wow, i can’t imagine life without knowing that smile.


what a difference even a few minutes can make in life.

i am a “mum” now…

8 05 2009

last year she still called me mom and i require it at home, but today, this morning…i was proudly her mum.

stopped in the corner coffee shop on the way to school for my mother’s day spa treatments in gemma’s classroom…






the lights were all out and candles were lit…i was presented my gifts and then i got a back rub and hand massage…heavy on the lotion.


just so special…all of it. i am glad i took my camera, because i don’t have the words to describe the day. i just love my big girl.








and home i went..a mum.



1 05 2009

blonde, brunette, blue eyes and brown. girl. boy. they are as different as any two siblings could be, but they are growing up together. sharing the same day of birth. apparently that one little fact makes it so that people assume they should be the same person. strangers stop me to compare my babies. telling me what they should be doing and how. what those folks can’t see, don’t see, won’t see… is that they are perfect. perfectly clover and perfectly kieran. they are just as they should be.


yesterday we found out that kieran has an issue with his muscles. it is called hypotonia of infancy and at this point, that is all we know. but it is an answer to the questions i get asked all the time…”is he crawling?” no he is not.
and he can’t right now. and maybe he will never crawl.
“how about standing like clover?” he is not standing yet either, but that will come. it will be a lot later than his sister, but my baby boy is doing things in his own time, just like my baby girl.
the same, but different.
he will catch up and run one day, but for now, he sits and claps and laughs and charms the pants off anyone who meets him.

the son

so for the moment, i only have one baby torturing the cat and scaling the furniture.


it is an antibiotic kind of weekend

17 04 2009

i have been feeling pretty rotten for the last week or so and was not really sure what was going on. i just figured that i was coming down with whatever strain of germs kieran was brewing.


no flu for me…i had no idea that my aching chest was related to the fever and joint pains, but after a trip to the doctor i have been given the diagnosis of mastitis.

i thank australia for making medication containing codeine over the counter.

clover has decided that now is the perfect time to start rolling around the house. quickly. you can see the annoyance on her face in the photo as i kept putting her back to sitting. she would much rather roll and get stuck under something.


i need to find a play pen. a real old fashioned jail for babies.

so many people have asked…the new presets really are coming. i have just some fine tuning to do and then out they go. these photos are done with the expired film preset.


6 04 2009

i am very excited that 2 images of mine were selected to be among the 150 winning photographs of the Fresh M.I.L.K.( Moments of Intimacy, Laughter, and Kinship) contest.

the book, Fresh M.I.L.K.: Friends, Families, Lovers & Laughter will be published in the fall of 2009.


made even more wonderful for the fact that all 3 of my children will be represented.