dear monty

24 07 2009

i can’t believe it has been almost a month since we met you. i am sure you have grown so much. i wish i could live down the lane from you and your parents so that we could all meet for evening walks by the creek. it would be wonderful to watch the twins grow up beside you, exploring the world under the curious guidance of your big “cousin” gemma.





monty, you are a very lucky boy to be born to two of the best people i know. you are going to grow up being shown the tiny joys in life. the smallest details are not merely noticed, they are celebrated. the ordinary becomes remarkable, the heavy…blithesome. your parents are a treat to be around. i love them both so much. i miss you all everyday.

(photo by peta mazey)


peta makes magic

20 07 2009

yes she does. i have seen her do it.


19 07 2009

“thus began our longest journey together”

the last week of our trip home.



the pedicure has gone from 8 of my toes…it must be getting close to time.


we are enjoying the summer and family, but we will be happy to climb into our own beds. this trip has been an adventure for all of us and i am going to treasure the last few days.


6 04 2009

i am very excited that 2 images of mine were selected to be among the 150 winning photographs of the Fresh M.I.L.K.( Moments of Intimacy, Laughter, and Kinship) contest.

the book, Fresh M.I.L.K.: Friends, Families, Lovers & Laughter will be published in the fall of 2009.


made even more wonderful for the fact that all 3 of my children will be represented.

look out qantas, we are bringing the chicken on board.

11 03 2009

clover pp

kieran pp

we have our tickets!!!!!! to go back to the states!!!!!! in june and july, so it was time to get passports for our newest family members. just like gemma, the twins will have passports from both the US and Australia. it kills me that these pictures are what they will have with them until they are big kids. i changed kieran out of his baby jammies and into a big boy shirt for the photo…he can thank me when he is 7.

more about our trip in coming posts. i am looking forward to documenting it. we are going to make the griswalds from the national lampoon’s vacation series look quiet, well behaved and organized.

mental health day

3 03 2009

last month it was hot.  hotter than i remember it being in dubai, and that was like a fancy oven.  one day it was the warm before the next heat storm and gemma just did. not. want to go to school.  i figured that the heat had made her more tired and the full time school after 2 months of vacation was a lot for a little kid to be expected to deal with.

i have seen her stall before, but this was different.  she wanted her mommy and i remember that feeling.  ah heck, i still have many days where i want my mom.  so wild to think that i am that to her…to 3 people.    so we took a mental health day.  the 3 kids and i all packed up and hit the town for a little adventure.  then we came home and played some more.

we went to a wonderful place in the prahran section of melbourne called family life… it is a gorgeous space that hosts a hip kid boutique, tasty cafe and unique furniture store all rolled up in one big play place for mums and kids. i am proud to announce that my work will be featured there…huge canvases on the walls. i will also be working with a few of the clothing lines in the future. it is the perfect collaboration! i can’t wait to get started.




ode to a girl and a girl and a boy

27 01 2009


how did you kids pick me as your mother?  you must have known that i needed you in my life.

my boy, you are so quick to share your smile.  i think i need to record your laugh because i am convinced it could cure the worst depression.  while your twin sister is doing the infant river dance and scooting around the floor on her back, you are happy to do nothing (although we have caught you rolling all over your crib, so we know you can do it).  in fact, you don’t even turn your head when you plant your face on the floor refusing to partake in tummy time.  you are such a funny gentle boy.  however,  i don’t actually find it all that funny that you started saying “dadda” today.  clear as day.  “dadda” while i changed your really poopy diaper.  “dadda” in little breaks during nursing this morning.  “dadda” as i played with you and fed you sweet potato and apple in the evening.  “dadda” when i walked in your room after your nap.

i got my revenge though.  as you were saying “dadda”, i dressed you like a silly tv character and took your photo.  you want to learn how to say “mommy” now?


oh my litttle clover.  i found out today what is crankier than the chicken…  the chicken with a fever.  i really hope that you are just cutting that matching tooth on the bottom because if anyone does not need to have more problems, it is you.  you are tough though.  feisty and wiry and funny as heck.  you scream and you screech and you say “psthhhssssthhhhhh” and you grab every toy and binkie from your brother.  you don’t need them, you just can get them, so you do.  you will be out of your crib early, i can tell.  i put you down and before i leave the room, you are to the opposite end wedged in the corner hatching your plan to escape.  i hope i am smart enough to keep up with your curiosity as you grow.  i could never imagine having a child like you and now, i can’t imagine life without a child like you.

tomorrow, my big girl starts school.  again.  when we moved here almost a year ago (where has that time gone?), gemma started a lovely school.  one of the many changes for her in 2008.  she is starting a new school tomorrow.  i am so proud of her and her strength.  so i will take photos of the new (cute!) uniform and i will tell you that it will all be great and i will wave and hug and turn to go and i will cry while i walk home.  you will do fantastic, i will be fine.  gemma, as much as we drive each other crazy spending every day together, i will miss you like mad and will be counting the hours until 3 when i can see that smile of yours.  i will be practicing my new “buddhism lite” skills and let my attachments go…i will live in the moment.  one thing though, did you have to break my heart today and say “zeh-brah” instead of “zee-bra”?  really?  like it was no big deal.  just like that.  you have an accent.  now i can add you to the list of people here i misunderstand on a daily basis.

isn’t it amazing how everyones kids are perfect for them?

a few i never shared from (way) back in december…how the 2 months of summer break have flown by.