28 07 2009


we have landed back in the land of no dr. pepper.

it is back to work for me and back to school for gemma. the twins are enjoying being reunited with all their toys, it is like christmas for them!

lots of fun things coming up for my business. redesigning the blog and updating the website in the next few weeks. more kid fashion shoots and private commissions on the schedule.
i am thinking about a work trip back to the states in the fall…will keep plans updated here on the blog. for now, i am going to recover from the 11,000+ mile flight and go get reacquainted with my warm and cozy bed.

i will be processing more photos from the trip during breaks from my client pictures.


the post where i give the universe a piece of my mind

7 06 2009

our baby girl is sick. and the doctors don’t really know what is wrong. the doctors are the people i am counting on to know what is wrong so that they can fix what is wrong and we can have our clover back.


we are thankful for all your prayers and good thoughts. we need them. clover needs them.

she is still in the hospital and we do not know how long she will remain there, but hopefully she will be home soon. we miss our fiesty little chicken.

i can’t update the blog from the hospital and i can’t call the states from the hospital either, so i am using twitter and facebook to keep everyone in the loop. at least i can do those from my blackberry. since alec took the nightshift for me last night, i was able to come home and shower and pop on the computer for a moment.

back to the hospital now to hug my baby girl. universe, i don’t want to piss you off, but please. PLEASE. CUT. THIS. CRAP. OUT.

obviously, i will try to get back to clients and people who purchase my actions and presets as soon as it is possible, but my baby girl and getting her healthy is my main focus at the moment. thank you for your care and understanding in light of this difficult situation.