impromptu atlantic playdate

21 07 2009

funny how 5 and 1/2 weeks seems like the longest time and certainly ample time to see everyone and do everything we would like… it is not and we have been throwing together plans the morning we make them happen. we have not been able to make it work with all, but luckily stephanie was able to meet up with us on such short notice. her boys are gorgeous and spunky and stephanie is a delight.

with just enough quarters for 2 hours of parking, we had a blast on our quick trip to the beach.






luckily clover enjoyed the novelty of being in a different stroller enough that she never noticed that she missed out on playing in the sand.


kieran was a nice boy and sat right where we put him.


liam went wild in the surf. it was great to watch.






gemma just got covered in sand instead of water.


then began the spectacle of getting 5 kids and 2 strollers (one of which was never ever intended to go anywhere near sand) 3 cameras and assorted toys back up to the boardwalk…


all the while keeping the language clean.


and hoping the moms had enough change left over for ice cream!








what i did not get was the shot of the ice cream on the floor of the shop…i was too busy working on my own cone by then.


19 07 2009

“thus began our longest journey together”

the last week of our trip home.



the pedicure has gone from 8 of my toes…it must be getting close to time.


we are enjoying the summer and family, but we will be happy to climb into our own beds. this trip has been an adventure for all of us and i am going to treasure the last few days.

visiting home

25 06 2009

the adventure has begun and i the one good thing i can say about the flight is that my twins were not the worst babies on the plane, no that title goes to the 18 month old girl 2 rows in front of us. while i understand that there is only so much one person can do to soothe a screaming child, i can tell you the one thing a parent (and for sure not both parents) is absolutely NOT allowed to do while their child screams on a flight…they are not allowed to watch a movie while wearing their own Bose noise canceling headphones. i have sympathy, empathy even, but ah HELL NO. unless you brought a pair for everyone on the plane, you take those suckers off, put them on your kid and you stare in exasperated silence at dora or thomas the tank engine with a baby on your lap (even though you bought that baby his [& her!] own seat) for 15 hours like the rest of us.


a few images from the start:




i got a new laptop here in los angeles and while i have calibrated it, i have not yet loaded photoshop. i am working with lightroom and trying to figure out how to edit on this fancy RGB-LED screen. if only the whole world could see how things looked on my computer…it is amazing. even the crappiest photos look like art. that is my disclaimer for any terrible photos that i may post. please excuse me as i get used to this new set up.