peta makes magic

20 07 2009

yes she does. i have seen her do it.



19 07 2009

“thus began our longest journey together”

the last week of our trip home.



the pedicure has gone from 8 of my toes…it must be getting close to time.


we are enjoying the summer and family, but we will be happy to climb into our own beds. this trip has been an adventure for all of us and i am going to treasure the last few days.

memories of my childhood on the water

17 07 2009


i can feel it in the breeze on the dock. i can hear it lapping at the hull of the boats. i can smell it in the coming thunderstorm. i can see it as i close my eyes and go to sleep, exhausted from a day on the water…still rocking gently with the memory…

kieran reminds me so much of my brothers…

can you hear the dissonant strains of the circus music

3 07 2009

i swear we are being followed by a little organ grinding monkey piping out the big top theme song while the smallest members of this traveling troupe of accidental clowns turn one today!



happy birthday babies who were born in winter half a world away from the summery south where they are celebrating today. it just keeps getting better and better. we are so blessed to have you join us for the ride.

ps. chicken, sorry about the double ear infections. let’s make a deal. no more emergency room visits in any country for the next 12 months, ok?